Warlords of Draenor: Someone’s Returning to WoW

Warlords of Draenor: Someone’s Returning to WoW

Beautiful, incredible cinematic trailer!

Amazing what one trailer can do to change a person’s mind about not playing the next expansion.

But nope, it’s not me.

Hubby revived his WoW account recently to do some arenas and pet battles while things are slow at work, but he himself had declared repeatedly that Mists of Pandaria is his last xpac.

Until he saw the trailer and urged me to watch it.

“It’s (bleep)ing awesome, hun!” he yelped, followed by a declaration that he will return for WoD full-time.

I agree. But you see, even if I would like to return, there’s a little probem:

I gave my WoW account to his niece. (inb4 it’s against the ToS; I supervise her use of it. I still have control over the account)

I gave it up after I got my Ashes of A’lar at the end of my brief return to the game. My Horde hunter was the lucky alt that got it.  /woot /flex #fuckingatlast

Ashes of A'lar mount

(Click to see actual size)

Now I have the mount that I had been dreaming about since I first clapped eyes on it as a clueless noob. Mission accomplished. I can retire in peace.

Also, I got a new fantastic job and I’m working on a second draft for a novel.

So, I have absolutely no time for a game that requires a good chunk of your week in order for one to enjoy it. What is the point of playing WoW when you can only play it a couple of hours a week?

I hope Warlords of Draenor will turn out to be the best expansion in the history of the game. I wish you guys a very happy gaming!

10 thoughts on “Warlords of Draenor: Someone’s Returning to WoW

  1. If I could only play the game for a couple of hours a week, I probably still would and make the most of those two hours =)

    1. Haha, is that your little way of convincing me to give WoD a shot? =)

      Two hours a week would be terribly unfulfilling for me. Not enough time to squeeze in mount runs.

      1. Little way…maybe =)

        If your life is very full of exciting new things (like it seems to be at the moment) then you probably wouldn’t have the free time to enjoy the game to it’s fullest.
        However once you have settled into your new job, written your best seller and finished all the cross Atlantic book signings, you will probably enjoy chilling out in Draenor for more than 2 hours a week.

  2. I have a feeling you might be singing a different tune come November. Being around other players (especially a spouse) can have major effects on your wanting to play.

    I’ve been playing WoW since 2007, and I think I have quit 5 times since then. When I got bored with MoP, I said that was it. I had just started my new job, and was ready to give up the game. Then, my brother started getting all hyped up for WoD, and barraged me with excited texts. I said, “No way!” Next, my wife revived her account, and began readying her characters for the new x-pac. I rolled my eyes and told myself I didn’t need it. Finally, like your husband, I watched the cinematic. I got chills, watched it 3 more times, and before I knew it had purchased game time.

    I think your husband is going to open that new loading screen, enter the beautiful world or Draenor, and like a moth to flame you will be downloading it.

    Best of luck in your resistance, and grats on Alar.

    1. Thanks. Now lemme do a little math here. Assuming I return for WoD but I could play only two hours a week…I have my DK and three favorite alts, so that’s four toons…hmmm…number crunch, number crunch…I’ll be 99 years old by the time I get them all to level 100!

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