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Warlords of Draenor: Someone’s Returning to WoW

Warlords of Draenor: Someone’s Returning to WoW

Beautiful, incredible cinematic trailer!

Amazing what one trailer can do to change a person’s mind about not playing the next expansion.

But nope, it’s not me.

Hubby revived his WoW account recently to do some arenas and pet battles while things are slow at work, but he himself had declared repeatedly that Mists of Pandaria is his last xpac.

Until he saw the trailer and urged me to watch it.

“It’s (bleep)ing awesome, hun!” he yelped, followed by a declaration that he will return for WoD full-time.

I agree. But you see, even if I would like to return, there’s a little probem:

I gave my WoW account to his niece. (inb4 it’s against the ToS; I supervise her use of it. I still have control over the account)

I gave it up after I got my Ashes of A’lar at the end of my brief return to the game. My Horde hunter was the lucky alt that got it.  /woot /flex #fuckingatlast

Ashes of A'lar mount

(Click to see actual size)

Now I have the mount that I had been dreaming about since I first clapped eyes on it as a clueless noob. Mission accomplished. I can retire in peace.

Also, I got a new fantastic job and I’m working on a second draft for a novel.

So, I have absolutely no time for a game that requires a good chunk of your week in order for one to enjoy it. What is the point of playing WoW when you can only play it a couple of hours a week?

I hope Warlords of Draenor will turn out to be the best expansion in the history of the game. I wish you guys a very happy gaming!

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I was…#6

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I was…#6

As a WoW Player, at least I

– never ninja’d anything from the guild bank

– never used/abused/abandoned others to reach my objectives in the game

– always paid for my own repairs outside raids. I don’t believe it is your guild’s responsibility to pay for repairs incurred outside guild runs. Whatever wear and tear you inflict on your gear as you quest/explore/PvP/hunt for rares/et cetera by your lonesome is your own doing; hence, you are to pay out of your own damn pocket. Quit treating the guild like it’s your personal piggy bank. On that note, quit seeing your GM as your own Obama who’s willing to support your lazy ass.

– That said, I was never a lazy player. NEVER. I. had. a. work. ethic.

(I also like to punctuate the f*ck out of my closing sentence for emphasis)

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#5

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#5

As a WoW player, at least I

– did my best to treat everyone fairly

– was never to rude to anyone, unless they were rude to me first, then that’s when I unleash hell

– did not pull ahead of tank, except on certain runs when people were asshats, then that’s when I pull all the things and leave party

– did not roll on off-spec tank gear if I knew the tank needed it more, but if he rolled on my DPS gear and won it, then that’s my queue to roll need on his shit…and pull all the things and leave party.

Pull all the Things

Screw the proverbial turn-the-other-cheek, I like Hammurabi’s Code better. An eye for an eye!

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#4

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#4

As a WoW player, at least I was

– humble enough to accept that I had to pay my dues first before I could earn a raid spot

– did not misbehave in any manner that would sully the guild name or my own name for that matter

– did not trash other guildies on guild chat, whether they were offline or online. If I had a complaint about someone, I would tell an officer privately

– did not spam guild chat with Recount/Skada to brag about my numbers, because who really wants to see that shit?

– did not resort to Machiavellian or traitorous things to get someone kicked from a raid team so I could get his spot!

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#3

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#3

As a WoW player, at least I was

– a dependable raider. 99.99% of the time I was punctual, and I ALWAYS had my own flasks and feasts.

– I also had the good sense to repair BEFORE the raid, unlike the idiots who would zone in and, literally a few seconds before the first pull, pipe up: “Um, anyone got a Jeeves? I forgot to repair.” >.<

– I knew how to avoid crap on the ground, not caring if my DPS took a hit if I stopped to run away. I’d rather stay alive.

– I was NEVER  a loot whore. Not once did I ever whisper the winner of a loot roll that I deserved it more than he did, or how much he’d want for it, or how he didn’t deserve it because his DPS blew monkey balls.

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#2

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#2

As a WoW player, at least I was

– helpful to newbies

– patient with and considerate to nervous first-timers (“My first time in this dungeon, sorry”, “Please don’t kick me, I’m still working on my rotation.”)

– didn’t openly make fun of those with the wrong gems and enchants (except for those who stubbornly insisted that they were right and I was the retard)


A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#1

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#1

This is a new category I created where I will write short posts reflecting on my time as a World of Warcraft player. This is the first post.

As a WoW player, at least I was

– self-sufficient

– didn’t beg, borrow or steal

– looked up things myself rather than pestering others to give me the answers

– basically not a pain in the ass to people

The NSA in WoW

The NSA in WoW

From yesterday’s TechCrunch article:

NSA And Other Intelligence Agencies Got All Up In Your World Of Warcraft, Xbox Live

The next time you’re looking to party with a dark elf Rogue in World of Warcraft, think twice: that could be an NSA agent in disguise. According to new documents from the Snowden leaks, both the NSA and the GCHQ employed World of Warcraft and Second Life, as well as Xbox Live, to gather intel and uncover plots – but it seems mostly they ended up just bumbling into one another by accident.

The New York Times reports (via The Verge) that efforts around online gaming worlds were thought to be a good idea since they seemed fertile ground for covert enemy activity: false IDs, voice and text chat and even built-in monetary exchange systems, like the WoW in-game goods market, all seemed to have potential for use by a network of militants or terrorists. Seeming like a perfect vehicle for fomenting revolution isn’t the same as actually being one, it turns out.

While intelligence agencies may have gotten a few level 90 characters out of the program, they didn’t reap much in terms of usable intelligence – the documents reveal that a so-called “deconfliction” group was needed for Second Life, for instance, just to make sure that the various agencies involved (including the FBI, CIA and the Pentagon) didn’t trip over each other’s feet. In other words, if one of the groups thought they’d finally tracked down a spy in-game, it would usually turn out to be just another spy on the same side.

My favorite part: “they didn’t reap much in terms of usable intelligence.” No shit. I pity the poor NSA folks who have to sit on their asses for hours and hours and sift through gems such as:











New Transitions: A New Guild and Going Casual

New Transitions: A New Guild and Going Casual

I’ve been delinquent about updating my blog and I can only blame it on three things: real life demands, missing my mom and the decision to finally start scaling back on my raiding. On the last one, translation: I’m going casual.

The last several weeks have rocked my world in both a good way and a not-so-good way. My mom, whom I had not seen since April last year, came to visit and stayed with me and hubby for a month, capping her stay with a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with us. In the four weeks she was here, I juggled road trips, sight-seeing, shopping, Mom-and-Daughter bonding moments, and raiding. In order to fit all those into my waking hours, I had to put some things on the backburner — my novel, my Basic Bookkeeping course, and yes this website.

I worked all those activities into a schedule that wouldn’t disrupt my raiding. For example, on days we went out of town to take my mom sight-seeing, I made sure we got home before dark so I wouldn’t be late for the raid. I’d show up half an hour before start time, with noodle carts and flasks and potions on the ready, only to find out a couple of co-raiders couldn’t make it. Then we’d waste 45 minutes spamming Trade for replacements. And I’d tell myself, I skipped eating dinner/watching Netflix with my Mom for this??

Maybe the Universe was trying to tell me something, but during those four weeks with my mom in town, there were these little incidents in-game that exasperated me to F*ck-This-Shit levels. I’d show up for raids where we had 13/14 on farm yet repeatedly wiped on Garrosh because some idiot kept dying to the boss’ cone effect in the virtual realm.  Then attendance started becoming piss-poor the week and a half before Thanksgiving, which was understandable because, hey, people have stuff to do to get ready for Turkey Day. I still continued to show up faithfully. Then one night (a non-raid night), I discovered that half my raid team pugged their Garrosh kills separately and got their titles. Which led me to ask this question: what is the point of having a dedicated raid team if you guys will just resort to pugging?

I would understand if they pugged out of exasperation themselves and/or they wanted to learn a more effective approach to the Garrosh fight from the best players on the server. But their little pugging exercise did nothing for the raid team as a whole, and if I may add, to my own morale, because a few of those people just stopped showing up. Like really? You got one kill and now you don’t feel like logging on? So much for team spirit.

While all that was happening in Azeroth, the Universe threw an offer my way: one of my dearest friends in California told me to get cracking again on that novel; he has publisher pals based here in the US and our home country and if I could just finish that damn manuscript, well, you get the picture. Me? A published novelist? Not gonna say no to that opportunity! (And no, in case you’re wondering, I will NOT write about vampires and S&M. Bloodsuckers and smut are numbers one and two, respectively, on my hate list.)

With that major project on my agenda, plus all the other real-life things that cropped up and are demanding more than the usual attention, I took a good look at the routine I’ve been living for a while and realized something’s got to give to make room for the new stuff.

WoW got the axe. Well, not totally.

Since our raid team was not the same as it was when we got everybody together and we didn’t raid weekends, I decided to look for another home. My new guild has five raid teams and I was put in the weekend group, an arrangement that suits me perfectly. That leaves Monday to Friday to do my work (and sneak in some mount runs and dailies, haha) and accept the occasional weekday dinner invites (no more rushing back home!).

In hindsight, Mom’s visit and my friend’s offer – along with the recent incidents in the game- were by and in themselves a catalyst for my decision to scale back drastically. I can’t have it all but I will have so much more if I grab those Real Life opportunities.

Will I still be around for the next expansion? It’s looking more and more iffy, folks. It’s like I tell my friends, it’s going to take a miracle of Biblical proportions to make me stay for Warlords of Draenor. I still love and will always love this game, but I’m ready to move on.

Reins of the Onyxian Drake!

Reins of the Onyxian Drake!


After countless Onyxia kills on my Death Knight, with this week still as unlucky as ever, I pushed for a second attempt on my much-neglected level 90 Alliance hunter (whom I’ve been meaning to server/faction transfer but recent real-life changes are forcing me to rethink my priorities, but more on that later).

Well, call her Little Miss Lucky! 🙂

Reins of the Onyxian Drake

Onyxian Drake

Thank goodness I don’t ever have to step foot in that instance again!

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!

Enjoy Turkey Day, folks!

And to the WoW players who haven’t gotten their Pilgrim title yet because they’ve been too chicken hesitant like me to do Pilgrim’s Peril in the past, suck it up and get it done!

Pilgrim's Peril

The humiliation and x number of deaths are worth the cheesy 10 points and title.

I’m taking a break to spend time with my mom who’s visiting. Have fun with your own loved ones!

Peace and blessings.