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Postscript to “I Have a New Fan”

Postscript to “I Have a New Fan”

I just found out who the person was that whispered me. And it didn’t surprise me at all.

Funny thing is I never mentioned names as to who my suspects were. But I guess they read too much between the lines, especially the happy pills part (wow, I must have really struck a nerve), so they thought I was hinting at something.

Who blogs about guild drama? I do, dear. And so do other gamers who have their own blogs and talk about everything and anything under the sun cause hey, it’s their business what they want to write on their blog. I just happened to call out people like you for their bad behavior. And I don’t mince words.

I suppose following me all the way to the enchanter’s hut in Orgrimmar to laugh at me was your idea of classy behavior. Too bad that was enough to earn your husband the dubious honor of being featured in my blog. I was minding my own business when you two decided to pick on me that day. Bad, bad move. It would have been better if you had left me alone.

On hindsight, following me to the hut was really classy. In a charm school for stalkers way, if I may add. LOL.

Get on with your life, sweetheart. Don’t have a stroke over me. You’ll look uglier if you do.

P.S. Thanks to Blizz GM Valaeme for contacting me today. You were awesome.

Invasion of the Vent Trolls

Invasion of the Vent Trolls

It was inadvertent. It was an accident. It was just all so bloody unfortunate.

My raid leader Rancher was LFM on Trade Chat for our ICC 25-man raid. He had already managed to gather several puggies and was hollering for more heals and DPS.

It should have been another normal evening on Trade chat.

Except that Rancher mistakenly posted our guild’s vent info for the entire Horde side to see; hence unwittingly inviting the most notorious Trade Chat trolls to invade our Vent, a few notables being Trollinshoop and Lahey.

Then Vent Armageddon took place.

Ventrilo Invasion

A few more of Lahey’s comrades from Risen from the Ashes joined in the fun, polluting our Vent with a cacophony of atrocious language and abominable noise (and politically-insensitive user names like, um, “IM A NIGGER I LOVE WELFARE”). Lahey even started flirting with me, saying how sexy my name was. (“Jocelyn….oooohhh Jocelyn….”) I told the guy to take a cold shower, only for him to say I should shower with him.


Their GM Outläwkîñg must be so damn proud of his trolls. They really do a fine job at giving their guild a shiny, happy, positive image. Small wonder so many people love them on Borean Tundra.

Oh yeah, their parents raised them well!

/end sarcasm