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Transmogrification: Valorous Scourgeborne Battlegear

Transmogrification: Valorous Scourgeborne Battlegear

Two weeks of running Naxxramas-25 with my hubby netted me all the tokens for the Valorous Scourgebourne Battlegear so I figured why not try a new mog? Besides, I’d been sporting my “wannabe-rogue” look since 5.3 and figured it was time for a change.

Valorous Scourgeborne Battlegear

Tempest of Chaos

Belt: Belt of the Singing Blade

Boots: Bladed Steelboots

Weapon: Tempest of Chaos

Possibly the best-looking Death Knight set from Wrath, in my humble opinion.

Transmogrification: Dark Iron Plate Set

Transmogrification: Dark Iron Plate Set

When you have pre-patch 5.4 boredom like I do, you feel compelled to work on another transmog set. This time I chose black and red based on the Dark Iron Plate set.

Dark Iron Mog-Front

Dark Iron Mog-Cloak

Dark Iron Mog-Sword

Helm: Replica Shado-Pan Helmet

Shoulders: Dark Iron Shoulders

Cloak: Blood Knight War Cloak

Chest:  Inferno Tempered Chestguard

Hands:  Inferno Tempered Gauntlets

Waist:  Chain of Unleashed Rage

Legs:  Inferno Tempered Leggings

Boots:  Inferno Tempered Boots

Weapon:  Fel Iron Greatsword

The sword mog is temporary until (and if) I get The Untamed Blade.

Transmogrification: Wrynn’s Battlegear (Lookalike)

Transmogrification: Wrynn’s Battlegear (Lookalike)

I had the urge to do another complete transmog today out of sheer boredom. This time, I opted for muted shades of yellow and blue. Here’s my take on the Wrynn’s Battlegear using a mishmash of pieces from different sources:

Wrynn's Battlegear

Tapestry of the Frozen Throne

Quel'Delar Sword

Helm: Peacebreaker’s Armored Helm

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Silver Defender

Cloak: Tapestry of the Frozen Throne

Chest: Thassarian’s Battleplate of Conquest

Hands: Thassarian’s Gauntlets of Conquest

Waist: Girdle of the Nether Champion

Legs: Thassarian’s Legplates of Conquest

Boots: Sabatons of the Lingering Vortex

Weapon: Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful

I had originally planned on using Ramaladni’s Blade of Culling for the weapon mog but the old-time, sentimental favorite from the Battered Hilt quest line was just begging to make an appearance once more out of my Void Storage. And how could I say no to something from a time when I was a wide-eyed, eager and adventurous Blood Elf…before dailies sucked the life out of me.

Transmogrification: Tier 7 Armor

Transmogrification: Tier 7 Armor

Yours truly has found a new hobby, albeit quite late into the game: slowly but surely building old school pieces for transmog. For my latest look, I decided that I wanted a complete tier set that: a) had less-girly colors, and b) I could easily acquire without the aid of a group run. The first set that came to mind was the Heroes’ Scourgeborne Battlegear set.

I solo’d Naxxramas for a few weeks for the helm, chest, leg and shoulder tokens and exchanged my Justice Points in Dalaran for the tier gloves. Determined to stick to the purplish-navy blue and copper motif, I scoured Wowhead for the best cloak, boots and weapon to match. I went to three different locations to make my purchase: Shattrath for the cloak, Uldum for the boots and Stormwind for the two-handed PvP sword.

And voila, here’s my newest transmog ensemble from the Tier 7 set:

Tier 7 DK Armor

Cloak-Dory's Embrace

Cloak: Dory’s Embrace

Boots: Drystone Greaves

Weapon: Wrathful Gladiator’s Grreatsword

Oh, I almost forgot: for the belt, I purchased Belt of the Lonely Noble at the Auction House. It was the best I could find.

I like this one waaaaaay better than my first mog! 🙂

Transmogrification: Going Purple

Transmogrification: Going Purple

It took me a while to jump on the fancy transmogrification bandwagon. When Blizzard introduced ‘mogging’ in WoW, I couldn’t quite bring myself to go through the hassle of hunting down specific pieces of gear in separate instances for the sake of color-coordinating. I kept things simple (and boring) by going basic black — I transmogged my gear into the old Death Knight pieces I wore when I left Acherus at level 58 to be pardoned by Thrall in Orgrimmar (ah, the good old days of being Horde!).

But over time, I started developing ‘mog envy’. I’d see all these other plate wearers with the most awesome, put-together gear in the most spectacular colors, like the ones below, and wished I could look pretty like them.

Transmog Plate-1

Transmog Plate-2

Transmog Plate-3

The last one with the Avenger’s Battlegear set is my personal favorite! Love the orange-pink combo. Reminds me of the Matthew Williamson and Narciso Rodriguez Spring/Summer 2013 collection:

Williamson - Rodriguez

So after obtaining Despair – the first pretty and girly weapon I own so far – I went on a mission to to get some purple-magenta pieces to go with the sword The first few items I got from old BC dungeons were kinda iffy when combined, so I went for the next best thing which was the Replica Soulforge set sold by the Darkmoon Faire NPC, Baruma.

And voila, here’s my first attempt at ‘fashionable’ mogging:

Transmog Purple Plate

Now I know there are better transmogs out there, but I’m pretty new at building a collection and still figuring things out. I don’t think it’s such a bad first attempt at all, even if it looks like something straight out of the Purple Dress Run circa 2009.

Purple Dress Run

Purple Dress Run-2

(Images from Project Q Atlanta)

Work it, ladies! 😀

Transmogging Down Memory Lane

Transmogging Down Memory Lane

I transmogged my Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps sword into my sentimental favorite, Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful.

Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful

Quel’Delar reminds me of the good old days of Wrath when Dalaran was the place to be, Icecrown Citadel was the mother of raids, Halls of Reflection was the one heroic where tanks dropped out before you could say, “I f*cking hate this place!”, and the fishing daily in Wintergrasp was the one daily that got me killed more times than my attempts on the Lich King. And of course, when people farmed for the Battered Hilt like crazy while I was lucky enough to be given one by someone who was in love with me (it went to my hunter) and I got another Battered Hilt from a very lucky roll (for my Death Knight).

It’s been a year since Cataclysm was launched and while I have my fair share of fond memories of the early days of this expansion,Wrath will always hold a special place in my heart.

2012 is just around the corner. Here’s hoping it won’t be the end of the world, so we can enjoy Mists of Pandaria.