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Some Good News

Some Good News

After one crappy RNG week after another, I finally ran into some good luck tonight. Ji-Kun dropped the leg tier token I so desperately needed – and won – to get my four-set bonus back…

Greaves of the All-Consuming Maw

…and I also won Band of the Scaled Tyrant and Caustic Spike Bracers, though I’m rather iffy about the latter missing one secondary stat. Oh well, I could still use it for my tanking off-spec, I guess.

Then there’s the surprise achievement of the night, Ritualist Who

Ritualist Who?

And the second surprise of the night, my entire raid team left the guild to form our own little drama-free guild. After being in so many large guilds, I think we’ve reached that point where we stopped caring about Level 25 perks and just want to be in a small one comprised of our tight-knit circle of trusted comrades. The perks are easily attained over time, but peace and order become difficult to achieve when there’s just too many out-of-control and untrustworthy people on board. Scaling back just seems like the perfect solution for us now.

And besides, life is too short to hang out with asshats.

And Won Gold Yet Again

And Won Gold Yet Again

Yeah, RNG still hates me but at least I got a new cheesy achievement. Hooray to another 10 points!

(Click to see actual size)

And another Lei Shen kill.

Our friendly druid healer had won the shoulder token earlier from Iron Qon and offered to give it to me but I declined. She deserved it, after all. I’m glad she won it instead of the other DK who gets on my nerves a lot. Oh nobody evil like that Ducelet, he just happens to be rude and coarse and competitive, like he’s trying to compensate for something, ya know. Hence, I removed him from my Friends List.


Throne of Thunder: 12/12 At Last

Throne of Thunder: 12/12 At Last

God, what a night! Downed Iron Quon, Twin Consorts and da man hisself, Lei Shen, within a 2 and a half hour period. Not bad for peeps who have never done the last three bosses on normal before.

(Click to see actual size)

Well done, Team Madness. After all the frustrations, the break-ups, the guild politics and the painful rebuilding, we can now relax and give ourselves a pat on the back.

Looking forward to Patch 5.4!

First Primordius Kill

First Primordius Kill

And another boss down.  #oneshot #zerg

(Click to see actual size)

Not to mention another cheesy achievement for 10 points!

We’re getting our groove back.

I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

/think positive thoughts

First Durumu Kill

First Durumu Kill

So….after a frustrating period of cancellations and other real life shit, we finally got our group together for our first Durumu kill tonight:

(Click to see actual size)

*tears of joy

And….yet another Mogu Rune of Fate wasted on token gold. Whoopee.

Eye Roll Tina

But hey, at least I got tanking boots — Treads of the Blind Eye. Peeps are insistent I build a tank set and try tanking so the other Death Knight in the group can take a break from being a meat shield in the next tier.

Me, tank? I said. Sure, that can happen!

Blazing Saddles Laughing

At the Mercy of No-Shows

At the Mercy of No-Shows

Shit always happen when Mercury is in retrograde. You can’t get everything on your list done because this is the period when many things go awry: gadgets break, things move slower, and people become dumber. If you want specifics, here’s a list from the Llewellyn Journal on the subject:


 – Angrier people
 – Crazy drivers
 – More accidents
 – Miscommunication
 – Quarrels
 – Computer problems and breakdowns
 – Delays
 – More mistakes
 – Slow mail
 – Games of phone tag
 – Wrong directions
 – Missed appointments
 – Dead cell phone batteries

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In a nutshell, this is the time to lower your expectations, avoid making important decisions or milestones (negotiate and sign contracts, start a new job, launch a new product, and the like) and not be surprised when people don’t show up for your team’s goddamn raid night — which is exactly what happened last night when a tank and DPS were no-shows.

I swear, I wanted to let fly at something.

Badass Nun

It’s been really infuriating how my team and I have been in our new home for a month and we can’t move on to Durumu because someone is always a no-show week after week. It makes me cringe to know how much my Raid Leaders have invested to get this many toons in our original team to Stormrage, not to mention crafting 522 boots gratis to help boost stats. And what do those people do in exchange? They either go on a THREE WEEK LEAVE or just not show up on continuation night. And ever since Mercury went retro, attendance just became so much worse no thanks to those cockblocking no-shows.

I told my RL that it’s time we stop tolerating all that bullshit and find truly reliable people to fill spots PERMANENTLY and to just extend the raid lockout since many of us already have the good gear from the first half of ToT. I added that I was sick and tired of being at the mercy of inconsistent people and with Patch 5.4 in the works, we can’t afford to waste any more time.

Screw tolerance, just get people who can show up and get the job done!

/end rant

First Ji-Kun Kill

First Ji-Kun Kill

We got our first Ji-Kun kill tonight and boy, what a crazy fight!

(Click to see actual size)

I had a lot of fun doing nest duty and my Raid Leader was such a pro guide. The only bummer was that I had used my last Mogu Rune of Fate only to win gold. Sigh.

With Ji-Kun dead, it’s on to the next cockblock: Durumu.


Not a Bad First Week on My New Server

Not a Bad First Week on My New Server

I hope I’m not jinxing myself when I say that I have no regrets transferring to this realm and that I’ve accomplished more in my new home than I have in the few months I was on Whisperwind.

For starters, the six of us who left Whisperwind plus four people from our Stormrage guild downed Horridon and Council of Elders with ease, something that eluded us in the recent past no thanks to some individuals who couldn’t push more than 65K DPS even with an ilevel of 500 (among other stumbling blocks).

And we finally got our Tortos and Megaera kills.

Tortos Guild Run

One Up Cheevo

Megaera Guild Run

Not our best damage done but I guess not too shabby for our first kill.

Anyway, I’m really happy with what we’ve done so far and even happier that the guildies who I transferred with are among the nicest, most supportive people I’ve met in this game. I’m looking forward to accomplishing more as the weeks go by.

Have a good night, y’all, and here’s to a brand new WoW week!

Describing Mario

Describing Mario

While in a Throne of Thunder raid (and very aptly during the Tortos fight whose mechanic requires a turtle punter à la Mario and Luigi)…

Mario & Luigi

…someone on general chat posted a description of Mario that has forever changed the way I view the beloved Nintendo character.

Description of Mario - WoW

Council of Elders Down

Council of Elders Down

Well, I got invited back to the team’s progression night, and tonight we downed Council of Elders!

(Click to see actual size)

Thank you for the privilege of raiding with you guys. I don’t mind being sub/back-up for now; I know that being a fairly new member I still have to pay my dues and prove myself more. I’m just happy to be learning from the best!

Horrible Horridon and My New Trinket

Horrible Horridon and My New Trinket

What a horrible fight!

(Click to see actual size)

I got into a Throne of Thunder guild raid this evening, something I didn’t expect to happen since I’m not really part of the team’s regular roster, plus I knew the Raid Leader was extremely picky when it came to taking in substitutes, but I guess I passed muster in his eyes. I swore to myself not to commit the same dreadful mistakes I made last week on Horridon (*cough sand trap derp cough), when I thought that all my chances of joining them again went down the toilet.

Before I continue, I just wanna say….


But I hate Durumu more but that’s for another post on the wonders of LFR.

We downed Jin’rokh the Breaker easy-peasy, but I was pissed because I wasted my last Mogu Rune of Fate on him only to win more gold. That’s it, I told myself, I won’t get an upgrade tonight.

But RNG was kind to me again, for I won a Spark of Zandalar trinket from Horridon! I rolled a 75, beating out another Death Knight who said that he had done more damage than I did and implied he deserved it more. I retorted that it was my first time to down Horridon on normal mode and I was nervous and holding back to avoid colossal mistakes, hence the lower than usual DPS. (I normally don’t say anything on raid chat but this guy ticked me off.)

The dude whispered me saying he was just kidding. Uh huh. I know for a fact that jokes are half meant. I disenchanted my Raid Finder version of the trinket, and interestingly enough he noticed that too, and he said, “Ah, you DE’d the other trink, didn’t you? LOL. Dang. I was going to offer something to you for it, LOL, oh well.”

Seriously, what is up with players who think they’re entitled to the loot even when the other person won it fair and square? I, for one, would never dream of whispering the winner to ask for the item, even if it’s in the guise of a joke. I have lost many rolls in the past to people with piss-poor DPS but I graciously accepted my loss, kept my mouth shut and moved on.

Moving on to Council of Elders, I showed him that I deserved my trinket:

DPS on Council

Interrupts on Council

There, good enough for ya?

We didn’t have a good night on Council, so better luck next time. Whether I make it to that continuation or not is something I’d just have to wait and see.

Alright, time for bed. Good night and happy hunting!

Throne of Thunderf*ck and How I Got My Karmic Comeuppance

Throne of Thunderf*ck and How I Got My Karmic Comeuppance

I remember the early days of LFR-Dragon Soul. Those were clueless and chaotic times when even trash pulls spelled instant death, and people cussed each other in ways that would make a sailor blush. Blizzard must have felt our trauma back then because in MoP, they gave us a kinder, gentler LFR in Tier 14 where most mechanics could be ignored by 25 people and you could earn Valor Points without blowing a gasket, literally or figuratively.

But with the release of LFR-Throne of Thunder, I’m thinking that Blizzard decided that the last tier was too much facepull and raised the difficulty factor this round to make things a little more exciting.

That is, if you agree with them that exciting means dying at the beginning of the instance to trash that hits like a truck.

MY DK was fortunate to do Last Stand of the Zandalari with mostly her guildies, so the experience was somewhat painless. My hunter was not so lucky, and found herself in a new layer of LFR hell with 24 strangers.



That was last week’s run, which I thought was the worst thing that could happen to me in this tier. I was wrong. This week, the release of The Forgotten Depths upped the ante for me, exacerbated by the fact that both tanks came in not knowing what to do and people thought that Tortos was more cute than terrifying.

(Click to see actual size)



So after a little heated pre-pull tutorial…





…we charged to our deaths.

Only because no one was punting turtles correctly. Guess expert turtle-punters Mario and Luigi were AFK and busy with their own agenda.

Mario-Luigi Funny


Well, after a few hundred gold’s worth of repairs, we managed to down Tortos without slitting each other’s throats and traversed the depths to meet our Maker a few more times (seriously, the trash in that place hit harder than Manny Pacquiao). Then we came face to face with…


…some heads.


Did we die in the first attempt? Hell yeah!

But you know what was even worse than that?

Okay, here’s where the karmic comeuppance in my blog post title comes into play, and bear with me, because this is one of those TLDR narratives.

I grew up in a big house with a big garden. In the late seventies, my mom’s garden had these mossy stones that were as large as Kim Kardashian’s ass and just as moist and nasty, especially during monsoon season. When the rains stopped, my brother and I would head to the garden to play (no video games for us back then).

Our mom raised us to love and care for all of God’s creatures, and we did. But there were exceptions, and those exceptions met their deaths in the hands of two bored children who thought nothing of pouring rock salt on snails, slugs and leeches as they emerged one by one from between those mossy stones.

Snails - Salt


One day, our mom caught us wasting half a bag of salt on those little critters and banned us from the pantry. Hell, she even gave the maids the authority to smack me and my brother if we so much as tried to open the cupboards. Suddenly salt-less, we turned to the next best thing to continue our slug-killing spree:

A bottle of Isopropyl alcohol, some scrap paper and a box of matches. That’s right. We burned the little bastards. My brother – a World War 2 historian and scale model builder who has built over 2,000 little planes and tanks out of Tamiya kits over the years – would inject a little drama by reciting random lines from Tora! Tora! Tora! as the critters burned, because he liked to pretend he was a Japanese pilot bombing Pearl Harbor. Hey, whatever floats his boat, right?

Lest you think our actions were early warning signs of two future homicidal maniacs, I’d like you to assure all and sundry that my brother and I turned out just fine.

Did I ever regret salting and burning those little animals? Hell no! They were nasty, yucky things that deserved to die!

That is, until we reached the passages leading to Ji-Kun, and that’s when the tables were turned.

Um, so yeah, if you’ve done the Forgotten Depths already, then you’re familiar with the trash in there that includes…

Gastropod - Wowhead

(Image from

Gastropods. Nasty, moist, yucky creatures that one-hit you like it’s no one business. A victim of my childhood delights, now my tormentor and the bane of every LFR group’s existence. Only this time, it’s not hurling salt or a flaming piece of paper at me, but is simply devouring me whole.

Like it’s no one’s business.

More than two hours in that instance. Expensive repairs. A lot of wipes. And a good number of deaths were courtesy of those snails.

Wow, karma sure took its time to bite me in the ass, and when it finally did, it was the equivalent of a three-mile high flaming middle finger.

Burning Middle Finger


I’ll never torture a snail again in real life. But I’ll be back for them next week in Throne of Thunder, and PAYBACK. WILL. BE. HELL.