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Need to Vent

Need to Vent

After getting abused repeatedly by Sindragosa tonight, I think I’ve earned the right to bitch.

This is my website after all so I’ll say damn well anything I want.


The Sindragosa fight is NOT a DPS race. Disable your damn Recount and focus on getting the mechanics right! You get the Frost Beacon, you run away from everybody, plain and simple!!!

/end rant

The Frostwing Halls! Sindragosa Down!

The Frostwing Halls! Sindragosa Down!


Frostwing Halls Achievement


(Click to see actual size)

The nightmare is over! We downed the bitch! WTFOMGWEDIDITWEDIDITWEDIDIT!!!

I screamed so loud when Sindy collapsed and the cheevo flashed on the screen, my kids’ nanny thought someone had broken into my room and assaulted me.

Weeks and weeks of learning the fights and watching the Tankspot videos again and again.

Months and months of watching Blood Legion’s first world kill of the Lich King and wondering if I would ever enter the Frozen Throne like they did.

Never in my wildest dream — after so many months of disappointment and broken promises and guild drama — did I expect to get this far.

Jaded Kingslayer title holders might laugh at me for making a big deal out of this experience but hell, please don’t tell me they didn’t feel both overwhelmed and exhilarated when they entered the Frozen Throne for the first time! Go take your snarky comments elsewhere, this is my guild’s moment!

Standing beside Highlord Tirion Fordring. It was so surreal.

That’s Takako in the middle explaining the strat to us. We were a bit tired, we didn’t expect to one-shot this fight, but hell we were ready to give it a few tries to get the feel of the fight. No guts, no glory!

Our first wipe. LOL.

We voted to extend the lockout period. We’re going to focus on the Lich King and nothing else. Learn the fight, get the coordination right, and try not to run around like a headless chicken.

I also want to add how mighty proud I am of my fellow raiders:

Voen – main tank

Fulka – off tank

Snowcow – raid heals

Starlord – raid heals

Takako – tank heals

Catain – DPS

Denefblah – DPS

Dommick – DPS

Doorack – DPS

Let’s get that son of a bitch, guys! We can do it!



You know you’ve been spending too much time (read: wiping) on the same boss when you start dreaming of her constantly.

In my case, it’s good old Sindragosa:


Those bones! That confounded Blistering Cold! Those damn frost tombs!

Cloudrunner - Frost Tomb 1

Cloudrunner - Frost Tomb 2

Can’t decide which one is Cloudrunner’s best angle.

Anyway, I had a really bad dream about Sindragosa AGAIN last night, where she was chasing me and screaming her deathless spiels in that voice akin to Mercedes McCambridge‘s in The Exorcist. Two particular lines stand out:




Sindragosa - Nightmare

Yeah, Sindy has really messed with my brain alright. Kinda like the way Justin Bieber f*cked up every young girl in every nation with his promises of roses and candies and stuffed animals and other wholesome shit in his songs. When you’ve made one too many attempts on Sindy, you’re bound to get the equivalent of Last Song Syndrome in your head.

When you’ve made one too many attempts on Sindy, you end up looking so wasted after the raid. Kinda like this dude:


But the more failed attempts, the angrier you get, and the more determined you are to down that bony little bitch.

Maybe when I finally down her, the bad dreams will go away.

I play too much WoW, I know.

Proud to be a Member of Good Intentions

Proud to be a Member of Good Intentions

I am proud of my guild Good Intentions.

Yesterday in Icecrown Citadel, for the first time ever, we one-shotted Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, the Gunship Battle, Deathbringer Saurfang, Festergut and Rotface without anyone dying!

Cloudrunner and Deathbringer Saurfang

Yes, we know your name means “Heart of Draenor”. Your dad told us 1,387 times. And counting.

(Click to see actual size)

That’s Cloudrunner in the middle. Rotface didn’t stand a chance against our coordination!

And for the first time ever, we as a guild successfully rescued Valithria Dreamwalker!

Okay, so it’s an empty room. That’s ’cause Valithria bailed on us after we rescued her. The chick dragon was in a hurry.

We were still fired up after the Dreamwalker rescue, so we had a little discussion over whether to go for Professor Putricide or Sindragosa.

We chose the latter.

That’s us chilling pre-Sindragosa while watching the Tankspot video of the 10-man Sindragosa fight.

(Am I the only one who thinks Tankspot’s narrator Aliena sounds like a flight attendant?)

I guess we were already very tired when we engaged Sindragosa because some us were starting to get one-shotted. (But hey, it was our first time to combat Sindy so cut us some slack!)

Snowcow - Good Intentions

Finally, we decided to call it a night and continue our progression the next day. It was really the best ICC raid we’ve ever done and I am so damn proud of us!

But wait! Some didn’t want to log out yet so we stayed and did Mount Hyjal.

Mount Hyjal - Tyrande Whisperwind

It felt weird being next to Tyrande Whisperwind and not getting attacked. We killed this dame when we did For the Horde, shouldn’t she be pissed off at us?

Mount Hyjal Achievement - 1

Mount Hyjal Achievement - 2

I love old school raids, I swear. It’s so funny to see people in tier 10 or better gear wipe in Vanilla or Burning Crusade content.

And lastly, I finally got to do Vault of Archavon all the way up to Archavon himself! I was on my hunter Anhur. People normally drop out of raid after downing Toravon for the frosties but my guildies and I did all the bosses.

Archavon Achievement - Anhur - Borean Tundra

And only one of us died! Not bad at all.

Archavon Achievement - Anhur - Borean Tundra

Good job, guildies. I love you all.