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Tears of Joy: Six Bosses Down and Two New Pieces of Gear

Tears of Joy: Six Bosses Down and Two New Pieces of Gear

To be honest, after Monday night’s trial raid, I didn’t expect to get invited to my guild’s normal 10-man run tonight. I didn’t hear from any of the officers so I assumed I made it to bench status.

But this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to see an invite on the calendar to join them in a fresh Siege of Orgrimmar run.

Note that before I transferred to my new server, I was only 3/14 in SoO. I joined tonight’s raid nervous as heck as I was the least experienced of the bunch, not to mention my ilevel – which at 546 I thought was already decent – was craptastic in the face of their own ilevels, which averaged 553. Needless to say, I wasn’t the star of the damage meters, and that’s putting it mildly.

But I guess what they were really after was someone who knew to avoid bad stuff on the ground and follow instructions. In that department, I know I’m good (plus I know to keep my mouth shut during boss fights). And this time, I just didn’t care anymore about topping meters. I just wanted to learn from the best, down bosses and get some better gear.

And tonight, I attained all three. Six bosses killed. Two new pieces of gear for me: Krugruk’s Rigid Shoulderplates and Fusion-Fire Core. AND one cheesy cheevo for another 10 points.

The Immortal Vanguard

(Click to see actual size)

We called it a night after Iron Juggernaut, as some peeps had to get up very early in the morning to go to work. I am ending tonight on a very ecstatic note. I am now 7/14 in normal 10-man SoO (though I skipped Shamans), and that, folks, is a HUGE jump in my progression, considering I moved to this server only two days ago.

/long contented sigh

Congratulating Method: Fangirl Alert

Congratulating Method: Fangirl Alert

I was in a trial raid with my new guild in Siege of Orgrimmar tonight and after we killed General Nazgrim, this popped up on Twitter:

DKDiaries Tweet-Sco

ZOMG Sco of <Method> favorited my tweet congratulating him and his guild on their world first 25-man Heroic Garrosh kill!

Troll Tears of Joy

It’s like…it’s like the Pope smiling back at me, only better!

I’m saving that screenshot for posterity before he un-favorites it! LOL.

Tonight’s Raid: Like Toilet Paper

Tonight’s Raid: Like Toilet Paper

Let’s see, how to describe tonight’s attempt at Spirit Kings in 10-man NORMAL Mogu’shan Vaults, a boss fight that, by now, everyone and his grandmother – save for certain individuals in my raid group – have mastered?

It was, to put it charmingly, like one-ply toilet paper.

Toilet Paper-1

It took so many attempts, so many wipes.

Toilet Paper-2

All because of one or two people dying to Qiang the Merciless’ Annihilate at the start of the fight. And you know what happens when you lose two people right away:

Toilet Paper-3

After the 1,875,694th wipe, our Raid Leader called it. Yup. Another craptastic night of not downing a single boss.

I am at a loss as to how else to describe or even fathom what has become of our team.

“Well, face it, the talented folks who were with you in Heroic Dragon Soul have either left the server or quit WoW,” Bloodsoed reminded me. “You’re not about to quit, but you sure as hell are not going to put up with all that constant wiping. It’s not worth it!”

You’re damn right it’s not worth it.

My friend Eric asked, perhaps out of a mix of curiosity and excitement, “So you moving to Alliance soon?”

Yes, my friend. I’m afraid so. Because…

Toilet Paper-4

Back in The Swing of Things: Some New Gear At Last!

Back in The Swing of Things: Some New Gear At Last!

I had a horrible day today. I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say it was the shitty icing on an already bad cake. Good thing my knight in shining armor was there to hand me Kleenex for my tears and snot (well, not literally, but it’s nice to know there’s someone who deeply cares for me).

And good thing I had a raid tonight to keep my mind off the negativity. It was my first raid with my new guild, and oh boy, are they awesome! For peeps who have little to no Heroic Dragon Soul experience, they were pretty amazing – slick, agile and cool as a cucumber. It was the best practice run I ever been in, mainly because I got two new pieces of gear from Heroic Morchok!

Heroic Morchok

Being the only plate-wearing DPS in the raid, I had no competition rolling for Bone-Link Fetish and Rockhide Bracers! Hooray!

My day’s ending on a good note. I have someone who loves me very much, I am in a nice guild, I had a good raid night, I got my first two Heroic pieces. I’m still very blessed.

Madness of Deathwing: Destroyer’s End!

Madness of Deathwing: Destroyer’s End!

Finally, after one too many raid cancellations – including a near-cancellation tonight no thanks to the storm – and some guild issues too delicate to mention in this post – we finally downed Deathwing!

Destroyer's End Achivement - WoW

(Click to see actual size)

Skada - DPS - Madness of Deathwing

And what an ending it was, with me and another shammy the sole survivors of the fight. Well, actually he died and used self-rez so during the last few seconds I think I was the only one duking it out with Deathwing. But anyway, we did it and I swear my heart was pounding and hands shaking so badly I nearly fainted.

Grats, Wreckless Abandon, for a job well done. It was our first time to face Deathwing and we downed him on the same night! That’s another to-do I can now scratch off my New Year’s Resolutions list.

Grats to Rakurai on No’Kaled, the Elements of Death and Kestrin on Souldrinker!

When Real Life Loses to WoW

When Real Life Loses to WoW

So ladies, did your WoW-playing significant others give you the requisite cards and flowers (either real or virtual) and take you out to dinner on Valentine’s Day?


Screw them!


How awful to think that Real Life commitments are losing to WoW, just like in this pic:

WoW Anatomy of a Raid

(Image from

An Angry Prayer

An Angry Prayer

Dear God,

Please give me back Snowcow and Takako.

Missing Snowy and Tako

I miss both of them very much. Snowy’s heals rocked and Takako was an awesome raid leader. I miss my core group and the synergy, discipline and focus we had.

Please make them come back ASAP.


Yeah yeah, I know we’re no Ensidia or Blood Legion or Catalyst. But we loved what we were doing and we had fun learning, falling and dusting off the dirt together. I remember how we always came prepared and on time. We entered Icecrown Citadel lugging our flasks and fish feasts and Denefblah’s diaper bag (j/k). We made sure our five-minute breaks never went beyond five minutes (we didn’t believe in wasting our time with mindless chitchat and unnecessary smoke breaks for the umpteenth time). We watched the Tankspot videos at least a day before the raid, and would even watch them again just before combat to refresh our memory.

If one of us messed up, that person moved heaven and earth not to commit the same mistake again, blood alcohol content permitting.  The willingness to succeed was there. There was no rage-quitting, no pointing fingers. Sure, sometimes we would get pissed at a particular player, but we were quick to set aside our irritation and get back to work.

Yes, sir, that’s how determined we were to down that son of a Lich!

Then one day, about the same time Patch 4.0.1 dropped, Real Life grabbed Snowy by the derriere, forcing her to take a hiatus from the game, and Takako’s comp decided to be a jerk to its master.

Since then, it’s been an uphill battle in Icecrown Citadel.

Not to mention we found ourselves having to PUG on Trade to fill a few slots.

I consider myself a very patient person but the last few weeks my patience has been tested beyond its limits — to the point where I am seriously thinking of moving to another server.

You invite a puggie to our guild run, that person quits after a couple of wipes.

You invite a puggie to our guild run, that person stays wipe after wipe after wipe…which he himself was the cause.

You go on what is ostensibly a 5-minute break..and at the fourth-minute count, some hyper-enthusiastic player decides to hearth to Dalaran to have a new gem cut for his latest acquisition

I don’t want to shame anyone in particular on this post as to why our recent raids – and NON-raids – have  been major clusterf*cks so I won’t mention names here.

Oh, and for those who might be wondering if I have something against puggies, allow me to disabuse that notion this very minute. No, I do NOT have anything against them. I am not some elitist jerk who only wants to run with her own guild. I have met many awesome puggies who did their jobs very well, and when I am the puggie to some other guild’s run, I make it a point to exercise the same discipline, focus and respect in that raid — I am after all representing Good Intentions and I’m not about to sully my guild’s name by:

1. Trash-talking on raid chat

2. Unnecessarily holding up the raid and wasting other people’s time

3. Being a loot whore

4. Blatantly wanting to be carried

5. Focusing on damage meters at the expense of raid awareness

6. Mooching flasks from others

7. Quitting after one wipe

8. Not playing my class properly

9. Not coming prepared to a raid

10. Not thanking the Raid Leader for the invite at the end of a successful run

To cut to the chase, folks, I EXPECT EVERY PUGGIE – AND HELL EVEN A GUILDIE – TO EXERCISE THAT SAME DISCIPLINE, FOCUS AND RESPECT IN EVERY RAID. Yes, yes, yes I know it is only a game. But there are players like me who want to achieve something major in this game that does not involve fishing coins out of the Dalaran fountain or stocking up on 500 f*cking Heavy Frostweave bandages. I want to down bosses. I want to enjoy end-game content. That’s why that core group of like-minded people was formed in the same place.  Though we lost a few good people to Real Life circumstances, we welcomed their substitutes with open arms and an open mind. BUT!

What am I trying to say here? You join our raid – or any raid for that matter – you better have that modicum of determination and motivation to help make it succeed, because seriously, darling, nothing is more devastating than seeing some flighty, inconsiderate, time-wasting, ill-mannered, DPS and loot-focused jackass ruin it all for players like me who are on a mission to down bosses. If exercising raid ethics is not your idea of fun for the price of $15 a month, amigo, I suggest you not raid any more and instead join Funnypiggy on Trade chat. That might be more right up your alley.

Postscript to God: sorry for all the bad words in this post. And once again, please give me back Snowy and Takako.


Need to Vent

Need to Vent

After getting abused repeatedly by Sindragosa tonight, I think I’ve earned the right to bitch.

This is my website after all so I’ll say damn well anything I want.


The Sindragosa fight is NOT a DPS race. Disable your damn Recount and focus on getting the mechanics right! You get the Frost Beacon, you run away from everybody, plain and simple!!!

/end rant