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Mogu’shan Vaults – LFR: Less Agony, More Ecstasy

Mogu’shan Vaults – LFR: Less Agony, More Ecstasy

The first half of Mogu’shan Vaults on Raid Finder went live today. For the last few days, I was fretting over not meeting the minimum iLevel of 460 to queue for LFR. I was still seven points shy of the mark, tanks kept rolling on and winning my DPS gear in random heroics, and Justice Points gear were basically useless.

But a last-minute invite to do Sha of Anger in Kun-Lai summit sealed the deal for me. The Sha dropped the Claw of Anger, a quest starter that rewarded me with Angerforged Stompers, and Greaves of the Lost Catacomb, which I won. So that’s two major upgrades in one night that raised my iLevel to 463.

(Click to see actual size)

So off to LFR I went and I braced myself for what could be a repeat of the disaster that was LFR in Cataclysm.

But you know what? It actually went very well! We one-shotted the first two bosses. The fights were ridiculously easy and people didn’t stand in crap. The only dim bulb moment we had was on Gara’jal the Spiritbinder because no one entered the spirit realm.

We wiped but nobody flipped a wig, to my amazement. For the second attempt, people went into the spirit realm and we successfully downed the boss.

LFR - Mogushan Vaults - 3

I left that raid a happy panda, erm, blood elf as my first LFR experience in MoP netted me two new pieces of gear – Nullification Greathelm and Jasper Clawfeet. Talk about awesome luck!

Okay, enough crowing over my new purples. I got dailies – lots of f*cking dailies – to do.

Later, folks.

Done With Raid Finder and Sundry Musings

Done With Raid Finder and Sundry Musings

I’m done with Dragon Soul via Raid Finder. At least on my Death Knight. My current gear is a mishmash of 397s and 384s which I would like to upgrade to all of the former. The only time you’ll see me there is to accompany friends, but after all I’ve been through in that Godforsaken place, I’d like to avoid DS – Looking for Raid, also known as Looking for Rez, as much as possible.

My little guild and I have been working hard in DS – Normal Mode to get everyone geared up and replace our remaining 378s and 384s. That said, extending the lockout so we could come face to face with Deathwing is not an option. Our goal is to get kitted out in all 397 gear before we come to blows with Deathwing and see that awful cut scene again with Thrall, Aggra and the Aspects (am I the only one who thinks that cut scenes should no longer appear once you’ve seen them?).

The downside of the 10-man raiding guild like ours is that you don’t have a decent-sized enough pool of well-geared players to replace key people like the tanks and healers when they can’t make it due to Real Life concerns. And since we’re not too fond of pugging, we’d rather cancel the raid and wait for those key people to return from their obligations. Slows down progression, I know, but since we’re not in any kind of race, there’s no reason to rush.

The good side of that downtime is that I’ve rediscovered my love for Battlegrounds. I managed to put together a good PvP set that gives me an acceptable 3965 resilience, and while I have yet to develop the Jedi-like reflexes of a good PvP’er like my guildie Marrok (one of the most badass rogues on the face of the earth, I must say), I’m coping in BGs and getting little cheevos here and there (thanks to my guildie Kyu for her awesome heals and Leap of Faith).

Twin Peaks Achievements - WoW

It’s the bits of variety that help lessen burnout and keep me interested in WoW that has impacted me in more ways than one. After a shaky start, I finally found a server and a guild I can call my home. I made very good friends in this game. I get to do cool things like Raids and BGs with awesome people. Things are happening for me and I’m looking forward to the one thing that will impact me on a personal level, which I don’t want to jinx by talking about it prematurely. Let’s just say 2012 should prove to be an interesting and game-changing experience for me in and out of WoW. Until that prayer is answered, I’m not saying another word.

May the Heavens hear me.

Alright, enough rambling. Now back to my Netherwing dailies. 18,862/21,000 revered, I should get my new set of mounts soon!


No, I’m Not Rolling For You

No, I’m Not Rolling For You

To all the random Loot Whore Strangers in Raid Finder,

You are my newest pet peeve. You never fail to disgust me each time you roll need on something you already have, win it and use it as a bargaining chip to get the loot you want should it drop on the next boss.

Raid Finder - 1

Or, just before the boss pull, you tell me to roll for you on that weapon you really, really, really want.

Raid Finder - 2

To think we don’t even know each other and yet you treat me like I’m your close buddy (or lackey) who’d be more than happy to look like a douchebag ninja on your behalf come loot roll time. Your attitude speaks volumes of your character, which sad to say, leaves pretty much to be desired.

Why can’t you earn your gear the honorable way? I acquired my gear slowly but surely and I’m proud to say that not a single piece was a result of ninja’ing or brute-forcing a barter with another player. Yes, it took time but at least they were acquired fairly and cleanly.

How can you be proud knowing you got your gear in a devious fashion?

I hope I never run into your ilk ever again (though that would be like hoping I’d win the Powerball TWICE in a row), and I also hope that Blizzard makes Raid Finder loot non-tradable, just to discourage the likes of you.

Get out of my immaculate belf hair,


P.S. Hmm, I may just roll for you. But if I win the gear, I’ll just DE it for the evil pleasure of seeing you have a seizure.

Patch 4.3.2 and the Raid Finder Loot Issue

Patch 4.3.2 and the Raid Finder Loot Issue


Raid Finder Loot News


“Players can no longer win multiple copies of the same item on a single Raid Finder boss kill. For example, a player who chooses Need on two set piece tokens or two weapons and wins the first, will not be eligible for the second on that particular boss.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Blizzard!

Blizzard Needs to Fix Raid Finder Loot System

Blizzard Needs to Fix Raid Finder Loot System

I did Dragon Soul – Raid Finder recently on another Death Knight (yes, I really love that class!) and won two helm tokens. Before I could offer the second token for a round of rolling, I got called every name in the book (“douchebag” being the most popular one). Now how does winning two helm tokens due to a flaw in Raid Finder’s loot system make me a douchebag?

HOWEVER, I do understand why the other players were upset. The ability to win the same token twice is open to abuse. I’ve seen people experience the same dumb luck I have – they win two similar tokens and they either leave party wordlessly or cling on to the second one hoping to trade it for a weapon or trinket.

Now I would have given up the second token graciously had I not been needlessly subjected to name-calling, so instead I exchanged the second helm token with a mage who earlier had won two chest tokens. Since the others had already branded me a douchebag, I might as well not disabuse them of the notion. LOL.

I shared my experience with a friend who told me I should have given the extra helm token to the second highest roller just to keep the peace. But that poses a new dilemma: do I give it to the second highest roller of the first token or second token?

How about Blizzard does something about this loot problem once and for all so players stop freaking out and we reduce the chances of people dropping party?

More Loot from Deathwing-LFR

More Loot from Deathwing-LFR

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps is such a badass-looking sword.

Gurthalak Voice of the Deeps

A week after winning Souldrinker, I won this baby PLUS Eye of Unmaking!

Hmm, I’ve been very lucky so far on my LFR Deathwing loot rolls but terribly unlucky on the ones that drop from the other bosses. It’s the same case with my alliance hunter, whose recent loot included Kiril, Fury of Beasts and Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth.

Kiril Fury of Beasts

Vishanka Jaws of the Earth

LFR loot is a welcome upgrade from my Tier 12 gear but what I’m really gunning for is the loot from Normal Dragon Soul, which I hope to run again soon with my guildies. I’m crossing my fingers for another Hand of Morchok for my Death Knight!

New Gear Plus the Agony and the Ecstasy Of Raid Finder

New Gear Plus the Agony and the Ecstasy Of Raid Finder

First the good news: I got my first non-Looking for Raid tier gear today: Necrotic Boneplate Gauntlets plus Rockhide Bracers. Winning them made up for my ZERO wins in LFR this week.

Cloudrunner - New Gauntlets - WoW


Now on to the wonders of LFR, where one can meet the most charming, well-mannered, cooperative, unselfish, unflappabe, cool, calm and collected people. I think I will let the image speak for itself.

Looking For Raid Chat - WoW

Patch 4.3 Live This Week

Patch 4.3 Live This Week

Let me start this post by saying how happy I am to get my own Internet connection back after more than 36 hours of no service due to a major cable fault somewhere in the waters of Southeast Asia that impacted 100% of Destiny Cable’s subscribers. Plus I’m happy that Destiny acted quickly on my request to transfer my physical connection to my new address. I’m going through some transitions in real life so WoW had to take a back seat.

I’m looking forward to the new content in Patch 4.3, though to be honest the Raid Finder gives me pause. I already have issues encountering emo jerks in random 5-mans, imagine having to deal with 20-plus others from various realms. HOWEVER, it might provide me with a few laughs as well, so I could give it a shot.

Here’s hoping Patch 4.3 won’t be the lag fest that I fear it would be.