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Patch 4.0.1 + SkyBroadband = The End of the World

Patch 4.0.1 + SkyBroadband = The End of the World

When Patch 4.0.1 dropped, it was like a mini-Apocalypse. Players clutched at the proverbial straw trying to make sense of their class’ new abilities on the first day. Dalaran went back to being DaLAGran. The loading screen turned into the Blue Bar of Death and Disconnect. Latency rose to ridiculous heights (It’s over 9000, people!). FPS went down the toilet. My hunter’s DPS ended up in the sewers (well, sorta). It was a cataclysmic event not even Deathwing could ever hope to top.

And I say that without sarcasm.

Then my Internet service provider SkyBroadband’s main server decided to get in sync with all the chaos happening in Azeroth  and went kaput, leaving subscribers like me with intermittent to no connection, further aggravating the already aggravating latency and lag issues in WoW.

No ICC. No daily dungeon runs. Just a whole lotta disconnects in the midst of a lotta bugs. It’s been three weeks, for f*ck’s sake.

Small wonder my mental state went the way of…

Ah, perfect timing! The SkyBroadband technical crew is here with their toolbox and a new hamster to replace the one that died at the wheel. Gotta love the sound of the doorbell and the cheery announcement: “SkyBroadband team here at your service!”

Excuse me, peeps, while I face my victims.

Bye, Bloodsoed

Bye, Bloodsoed

Patch 4.0.1 claims a victim.

Bloodsoed - Borean Tundra

My friend Bloodsoed, who is not very happy with the changes that affected his bear tank and tree heals. He’s retiring his WoW account for another game.

My heart is broken.

Excuse me while I mope somewhere in Nagrand.

Getting Past Volley Withdrawal Symptoms

Getting Past Volley Withdrawal Symptoms

So hunters lost their Volley. Not all the kvetching by angry hunters is gonna make Blizzard cave in to the pressure. Volley is gone. R.I.P, Volley.

I admit that I was one of those hunters who pressed only one button when attacking a huge-ass mob.

That’s right. Volley. DPS’ing with Volley was so ridiculously easy, even someone with a double-digit IQ could do the job (including stealing aggro from the tank but hey, it came with the turf).

In its place, we’ve got Multi-Shot, which now hits all enemies within 8 yards. Do I like it? Um, I’m still getting used to it. I admit after the patch dropped and I did my first few random dungeons (and saw to my horror that I did not top Recount), I stopped playing  my hunter Anhur, leaving him to wilt in QQ City.

Then guilt washed over me. I felt like a bad mother to the first toon I leveled to 80. It was akin to abandoning my firstborn.

Guildies encouraged me to give the new hunter builds a shot (pun partly intended). So rather hesitantly I experimented with talent points and glyphs and went back to doing randoms.

This time I didn’t do so badly:

Anhur - Recount

BUT…those numbers are a product of button-smashing and playing whack-a-mole on the keyboard. I can’t do those things in a serious raid!

Hmmm, or can I?

Erm, maybe I should practice some more.

To my fellow hunters, how are you guys holding up so far?

Patch 4.0.1 On the Mend? Maybeh…

Patch 4.0.1 On the Mend? Maybeh…

I guess the rolling restart Blizzard did recently helped…a bit.

I am no longer getting stuck on the loading screen. Today’s Headless Horseman run was a success. Our beloved tank did not DC after clicking on the dreaded pumpkin.

I do experience the odd lag or latency spike every now and then (and when I do, it’s still in the shitty thousands) but it’s not as bad as the first week that saw me cursing Blizzard with all my might and turning into….

Exorcist - DKDiaries

Yeah something like that.

However, my friend and guildie Bloodsoed has been DC’ing repeatedly the last one hour. He doesn’t know whether to blame Blizzard or chalk it up to the possibility that someone is trying to hack his WoW account again. If it’s the latter, I won’t be surprised, especially with Cataclysm looming in the horizon. Those Chinese gold sellers/spammers would do absolutely anything to get their hands on your gold so they can meet the demand of their customers. Plainly put, they’ll steal your gold to sell it to another player so that dude can get his Master Riding skill and whatever else he wants to buy. Yeah, that’s what the likes of Susan Express does, for the “thankness” of their customers, whatever the hell that means.

Back to Blizz: when are you going to fix the rest of the Patch 4.0.1 bugs? I am still seeing my guildless bank alts wearing tabards I’ve never seen before. When I go the character selection screen after logging in, it says I have too many characters. I have to roll a level 1 toon (on any realm), play it a bit, delete it then go back to my main toons — all just to help improve the latency. It’s an odd band-aid fix but I don’t want to keep creating level 1 toons to get playable latency!

Gawd, I miss the days when I could join a 25-man ICC raid without fretting over latency spikes, disconnects or getting kicked out by merely right-clicking on the fish feast!

Patch 4.0.1 Blows Monkey Balls Again

Patch 4.0.1 Blows Monkey Balls Again

Every little fix I did to ensure smooth gaming has been nullified after the recent realm maintenance.

It seems things have gotten worse.

Not only am I back to getting stuck on the loading screen, my latency has spiked to the thousands. Now it’s at 26,000 ms.

This has got to be the worst patch in history.

Just try checking the official forums. Hundreds of others are kvetching about the Patch 4.0.1 bugs. Hell, just try clicking on a portal, a mage table, anything that shows that cogwheel thingie. It’s guaranteed to send you to Disconnect City or give you some confounded critical error.

Blizzard, I love you but this is getting ridiculous.

Patch 4.0.1 Issues: Still Stuck On Loading Screen?

Patch 4.0.1 Issues: Still Stuck On Loading Screen?

Guys, if you’re like me who found herself always getting stuck on the loading screen entering and exiting an instance since Patch 4.0.1 dropped, you might want to try this solution. It worked wonders for me and I’m finally enjoying the game again sans fits of screaming.

Just open the following WoW ports:






Now how does one do that, you might ask.

Watch this YouTube video to see how it’s done:

I added the five ports to Inbound Rules (under Advanced Settings), restarted my comp, launched WoW and — Hallelujah! — no more getting stuck in limbo.

Coping With Patch 4.0.1

Coping With Patch 4.0.1

So how have I — along with so many others on Borean Tundra — been coping with Patch 4.0.1 since it dropped?

Apopsoda summed up the first day very, erm, eloquently:

Apopsoda - Borean Tundra

In the midst of the confusion and chaos on the first day, I quickly turned to the WoW Insider page on Death Knights I bookmarked to help me deal with the major changes to the class. But even with the guide and sundry suggestions from players on Trade Chat, I still felt lost and confused. It didn’t help that Dalaran returned to being DaLAGran and my latency started shooting up to the thousands. Oh, and I kept getting stuck at the loading screen of every instance I tried to enter.

Fun times.

Still I appreciated some of the changes:

Like how the graphics became more vivid.

(Click to see actual size)

Dig the look of the water! But I’d rather have decent latency and a steady connection.

And how Zalazane is no longer on Echo Isles.

Echo Isles

Sixty-eight levels or so ago, my hunter Anhur died on this very spot so many times by Zalazane’s hands. Yup, trying to get Minshina’s Skull was a pain in the ass.

This scene brought a tear to my eye:

I’m gonna miss you, Uncle Thrall.

Anyway, the next few days were spent familiarizing myself with the new abilities and figuring out a rotation for my Unholy spec.

What rotation?

I discovered I could still kick ass by not following a rotation but actually playing the equivalent of whack-a-mole on my keyboard!

Icy Touch – Plague Strike – Scourge Strike – Festering Strike – Death Coil – flail my arms – scream bloody murder – smash keyboard – dance the La Cucaracha – do Scourge Strike when it’s up – refresh diseases – blame the guy who can’t speak English – Blood Boil the hell out of mobs – jump – flip ponytail like a cheerleader – rinse – repeat.

It also seems my fellow Tundramen have finally adjusted to the changes Blizzard made to their classes, as evidenced by their return to raiding…

Orcy - Borean Tundra

…and the return of the scintillating banter on Trade Chat:

Borean Tundra Trade Chat

I heart Borean Tundra! I heart this game!

Patch 4.0.1

Patch 4.0.1


Patch 4.0.1

I was fresh from a nap with my kid when I saw this so I had to check out the ever-reliable for news and yup, looks like we’ve got the “first stage patch” of Patch 4.0.1. We’re looking at 1.58 GB and an assload of downloading time depending on how fast your internet connection is (in my case, it’ll be the equivalent of three Kevin Costner flicks, the long bad ones, okay? Not the long good ones).

I’ll just use this wait time to respond to some of the Facebook friends who now hate me for not replying to their messages and invites dating all the way back to April. Too much WoW, I know!

To my dear friend Bloodsoed, don’t worry I’m okay. I know it’s very uncharacteristic of me to suddenly stop responding, but sometimes Real Life comes yelling for me. Your emails are always appreciated. Keep them coming and I hope to raid with you again very soon. Lord knows I always need my special pocket healer with me.  🙂

Oh god, only 87.2 MB downloaded so far…