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Siege of Orgrimmar: 12/14

Siege of Orgrimmar: 12/14

I take back what I said in my previous post and no longer despise the conveyor belt in the Siegecrafter Blackfuse fight. Last night, I finally got the hang of it without dying to those blasted curtains of fire or derping on my jumps. We downed the S.O.B.!

Siegecrafter Blackfuse Killshot

And what’s even better was that RNG was so kind to me on my coin rolls, yielding me Xifeng, Longblade of the Titanic Guardian and Siegecrafter’s Forge Hammer!

(Click to see actual size)

Look at dem puppies. I’m talking about my new weapons.

Now all I need are bracers, a second ring and boots and I’ll be totally rid of last tier’s gear.

Extreme Treasure Hunter

Extreme Treasure Hunter

After falling to my death countless times, I finally got the tightrope act down pat today to get to the Rope-Bound Treasure Chest for another achievement!

Extreme Treasure Hunter

To those who have yet to try for it, below is a great video showing how it can be done:

Love the accompanying song too!

Siege of Orgrimmar: Malkorok Down 9/14

Siege of Orgrimmar: Malkorok Down 9/14

Last night’s raid was a pretty good one for the following reasons: successfully killed General Nazgrim again, got our first Malkorok kill…

(Click to see actual size)

…I automatically won Malkorok’s Tainted Dog Tags that dropped off said boss, being the only strength melee DPS in the group, AND I got promoted to Core Raider. 🙂

10-Man Norushen: Idiots Need Not Apply

10-Man Norushen: Idiots Need Not Apply

Norushen is both a DPS and idiot check fight.

(Click to see actual size)

Normally, I’d rejoice over killing a new boss. But two weeks into the new patch, a great number of guilds on my server are already more than halfway into Siege of Orgrimmar, while we got stuck on Norushen until tonight.

‘Cause people were failing on the idiot check that was the purple orb, which was only one of many idiots checks in that fight.

Third boss. 3/14. Whoop-dee-doo!  /sarcasm

We lost our best heals to another server. We lost a mage who was our top DPS to another guild on this server. Since leaving us, that mage is now 8/14 in SoO. Guess he made the right decision, after all.

And one person – who is neither Raid Leader or a tank – won’t shut the hell up during boss fights and kept a running commentary on everything, practically talking over everybody that I had to put the irritating prick on mute for the rest of the evening.

Two hours on Norushen only. That’s how my evening went. FML.

Thank God for “Breaking Bad” on Netflix and a supply of frozen margaritas to help me forget my woes in Azeroth.

Where There’s Cheevos, There’s Torture

Where There’s Cheevos, There’s Torture

Typical of Blizzard to subject players to the nine circles of hell in the new area while requiring us to perform like circus monkeys AND pretend to enjoy it all.

(Click to see actual size)

14,680 combined achievement points and counting.

20,618 Timeless Coins as of this writing.

I’ll be 99 years old by the time I get the trinket, Alacrity of Xuen.

The Nightmare That Was The First Week of Patch 5.4

The Nightmare That Was The First Week of Patch 5.4

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and not in the best of moods. But with my website just begging for an update, I’m mustering the strength to write a post about how shitty I thought the first week of Patch 5.4 was. Lest you think I didn’t like the new content, I’ll disabuse that notion now by saying that I did and do like all the new stuff, especially Siege of Orgrimmar, which I had tried first on Flex mode followed by normal, then LFR.The first boss, Immerseus, was easy and fun.

(Click to see actual size)

SoO Chat

Ah yes, all the trolls moved from Throne to Thunder to Siege of Orgrimmar. Must move chat to another window and forget it exists.

SoO Chat-2

None of us in the guild got to check out SoO in the PTR (we like surprises plus we are gluttons for punishment) so we’re still figuring out the best strat for our group makeup. (Not to mention we’re still cycling people so it’s been a little aggravating, to say the least).

It would have been easier for me to appreciate all the cool new content if we didn’t have to deal with:

1. Server glitches.

World Server is Down

2. Players crowding NPCs.

So many assholes, so few bullets.

3. The incredible lag when killing and looting quest NPCs, where you feel like you’re just white-hitting.

Celestial Challenge Cheevo

I swear the lag was so bad that it felt like I didn’t hit the target at all, so it was a miracle of Biblical proportions that I got the cheevo and the quest done.

4. Tempers flaring up and players wishing ill luck on one another.

Stormrage-Timeless Isle-1

Stormrage-Timeless Isle-2

Stormrage-Timeless Isle-3

Stormrage-Timeless Isle-4

Stormrage-Timeless Isle-5

5. The nightmarish attempts at getting the Highwind Albatross, let alone without players killing it while you’re mid-air

I’d like to kick whoever designed the albatross method for completing Rolo’s Riddle in the family jewels repeatedly until no amount of surgery can make him a man again. Just getting an albatross alone is straight out of Dante’s Inferno – pure, unadulterated agony.

Rolo's Riddle

That was just some of the many problems players encountered the first week.

On the up side, I — along with a billion other special snowflakes — got my welfare legendary cloak, mine being Gong-Lu, Strength of Xuen

Timeless Essence of the Black Dragon

Gong-Lu, Strength of Xuen


Welfare Cloak Gen Chat

…thus enabling me to do the new world boss, Ordos.

The cloak gives off a pretty cosmetic effect, too!

Legendary Cloak Effects

On the third day of the patch, when the lag still had not been fixed and my migraines were becoming worse, I decided to boycott the Timeless Isle and focus instead on leveling my prot pally.

My fourth Level 90, hooray!

I believe things are better now on the Isle so today marks my return to that blasted place. It’s back to farming coins, killing rares, and all that good stuff.

Minus trying to catch the bloody albatross.

Preparing for Patch 5.4

Preparing for Patch 5.4

Four more days to go till Patch 5.4. Here’s a quick post on how I’m preparing for it:

– New patch means new shinies to buy. I’ve been running old school heroics for cloth and miscellaneous items to sell. In one day, I earned 4000 gold just from vendoring junk and selling a truckload of cloth and some rare pets. Can’t believe how Frostweave Cloth is still pretty much in demand. Oh, and I also sold another Battered Hilt. I’m not broke anymore but I’m far from being obscenely rich.

– I’ve been planting Songbells for Mote of Harmony to convert to Spirits, which I use for extra currency to purchase items I’m too lazy to farm

– I’ve been building a tanking set. Still a bit half-assed set but good enough to let me successfully tank bats on Tortos fight.

– I maxed out my level 85 paladin’s Jewelcrafting so I won’t have to buy gems from the Auction House or hassle guildies to cut gems for the new gear I will acquire next patch.

– I’ve gone cross-eyed farming Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.

And that is that. Now off to do more farming!

Upcoming Shinies: Siege of Orgrimmar and Season 14 Weapons

Upcoming Shinies: Siege of Orgrimmar and Season 14 Weapons

Hey folks, check out the new weapon models for Patch 5.4. Visit the Wowhead page here.

Here are a few of my favorite designs:

Haromm's Frozen Crescent

Haromm’s Frozen Crescent. Very nice weapon for tanks. Too bad my prot pally is only level 85.

Xal'atoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl

Xal’atoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl. Gotta love dem blinking eyes. So cheesy and ‘Evil Dead’-ish.

Kil'ruk's Furious Blade

Kil’ruk’s Furious Blade. Because Barney purple is power!

(Images from Wowhead)

Hmm, no two-handed swords? Personally, I prefer 2h-swords to axes and maces.

Looking at the PvP models, on the other hand, makes me think the design team ran out of great ideas after pouring heart and soul into the PvE ones. But that’s just my humble opinion.

Only 11 days to go, kiddies!

Throne of Thunder: 12/12 At Last

Throne of Thunder: 12/12 At Last

God, what a night! Downed Iron Quon, Twin Consorts and da man hisself, Lei Shen, within a 2 and a half hour period. Not bad for peeps who have never done the last three bosses on normal before.

(Click to see actual size)

Well done, Team Madness. After all the frustrations, the break-ups, the guild politics and the painful rebuilding, we can now relax and give ourselves a pat on the back.

Looking forward to Patch 5.4!