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Welcome Back, Hordor!

Welcome Back, Hordor!

Welcome back, buddy boy!!!

(Click to see actual size)

I am so happy to have you back because it means I’m getting my Spectral Wind Rider we get to play together again! I’m glad my powers of bullying persuasion worked and you accepted the Scroll of Resurrection. I hope you stay long enough for me to get my Spectral Wind Rider forever!

Hurry and get geared up!

I Shall Miss You, Hordor

I Shall Miss You, Hordor

My best friend Hordor’s WoW game time expires today and he won’t be renewing it. The demands of senior year, volunteer work, and sundry real life duties have left him little time to play. Not to mention he has found Cataclysm to be a rather unsatisfactory expansion and wishes to explore other MMOs.

I respect your decision to leave, buddy, but I can’t deny that it stings a bit. I’m losing the one person who has…

…stuck with me through thick and thin

…comforted me in my sorrows

…listened to my incessant bitching about the male race (even though he’s a part of that race)

…celebrated my little victories in WoW and real life

…tolerated my lousy PvP skills in Tol Barad

…NEVER competed with me

…given me awesome gifts – albeit virtual ones

…healed my tankadin’s sorry ass in several instances

…sincerely cared for me and protected me from all bad things and bad people in WoW

I’m hoping this is a temporary hiatus and that you will eventually return to WoW. Sure, we still have Skype and all but not seeing you in the game starting tomorrow is going to feel weird…and terribly lonely.

Take care, buddy. You’re the best shammy heals I know, bar none. I love you to bits.


Yes, Hordor, I Need a Hug

Yes, Hordor, I Need a Hug

Writing assignments piling up left and right plus more work in the horizon are leaving me less time to play WoW.

I’m a sad panda.

Thanks, Hordor, for the hugs. Your drawings never fail to cheer me up. Love you, buddy.

Depressed Panda

Addendum to “WoW Has Made Me Vicious?”

Addendum to “WoW Has Made Me Vicious?”

Hordor, buddy boy, have I really been so vicious lately? Do I really come across as…as…this?

Mad Charina

Thanks for the lovely illustration of me as my pally Charina. You captured the very essence of moi in my – as my best friends like to call it – menopausal dragon state.

You done with Cloudrunner’s nude portrait, by any chance?

Fiery Warhorse’s Reins!

Fiery Warhorse’s Reins!

We thought it was just going to be another uneventful run in Karazhan — our nth attempt (I’ve lost count) — to see if we could get the Fiery Warhorse’s Reins.  Hordor and I were laughing as we reiterated to each other the loot rules on the way to the instance.  Greed on everything, but Need on mount should it drop from Attumen the Huntsman. We honestly didn’t think it would drop.

Hordor and Cloudrunner

Lord have mercy it dropped!

Fiery Warhorse's Reins Dropped

“May the best person win,” I gulped.

Hordor won the mount and I squealed GRATS at him.

Only to be shocked for the second time when he opened trade with me without any preamble:

Fiery Warhorse's Reins Trade

“What are you doing??” I said.

He said he’d rather I have the mount. He added that trolls don’t look good on horses.

“But it’s an achieve nonetheless!” I said.

“No, take it, you’ve been farming it for months. I want you to have it.” He said.

And after a few more minutes of protesting and telling him he won it fair and square and he deserves it and all, I finally caved in to his insistence.

Cloudrunner - Feat of Strength

Cloudrunner on Fiery Warhorse Reins

Hordor and Cloudrunner on Mounts

Hordor, I love you. I really do. You are, without a doubt, the sweetest, most caring and most badass friend I have in this game. I love you to pieces. *touches him inappropriately.


I am so happy.

Postscript to Magmaw Down!

Postscript to Magmaw Down!

I just want to congratulate two special players who happen to be two of my closest friends in the game;

DENEFBLAH, our Raid Leader for guiding us throughout the fight. Living proof that deviating from Tankspot guides is NOT downright sacrilege.

HORDOR, for his awesome, awesome heals. Grats on the Lifecycle Waistguard, buddy boy. You deserve it!

And on a final note, grats to me for carrying out chain duty on Magmaw 100% of the time in spite of the heart-stopping latency of 1,700 ms that suddenly hit me in the middle of that final combat, and still pulling a respectable 14K DPS (second highest, behind Denefblah).

See you all in next week’s raid.

Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words

This week’s famous last words: “Oh come on, it’ll be easy.”

Hordor, my man, you know what I keep saying about being level 85, or have you forgotten?

Being level 85 does not make us Superman.

I enjoyed our two-man Naxx run though. Fun times. This is a very nice rendition of our experience. You, my friend, are talented.

Naxx by Hordor

25 Exalted Reputations!

25 Exalted Reputations!


Cloudrunner - 25 Exalted Reputations

Finally got exalted with Earthen Ring, which also earned me the cheevo 25 Exalted Repuations!

I was in Grim Batol when I hit rep pay dirt, and where I also happened to be in a bad group where we changed tanks THRICE (it was our night for bad tanks) and vote-kicked the healer who couldn’t heal a damn. I died in there so many times, my repair bill was painful. It was also my longest Grim Batol run in memory — I was in there longer than Nelson Mandela was in jail.  >.<

Grim Batol - Cloudrunner

In other news, my buddy Hordor and I joined a Naxxramas run with a bunch of random peeps. We were all 85’s in that 10-man run, headed by some dude who didn’t know the fights.  o.O  It didn’t help that the rogue was off-tanking so…..

(Click to see actual size)

A few people died on the Sapphiron fight and we wiped on Kel’Thuzad. So effing humiliating! But hey, we managed to down the S.O.B. on our second attempt, albeit with very bruised Level 85 egos. I walked away with easy Justice Points after downing Anub’Rekhan (he was the weekly raid target), which allowed me to purchase Greaves of Gallantry and raise my average item level to 343.

Next goal: join my first 10-man Cata raid with my new guild. When? I dunno.