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An Angry Prayer

An Angry Prayer

Dear God,

Please give me back Snowcow and Takako.

Missing Snowy and Tako

I miss both of them very much. Snowy’s heals rocked and Takako was an awesome raid leader. I miss my core group and the synergy, discipline and focus we had.

Please make them come back ASAP.


Yeah yeah, I know we’re no Ensidia or Blood Legion or Catalyst. But we loved what we were doing and we had fun learning, falling and dusting off the dirt together. I remember how we always came prepared and on time. We entered Icecrown Citadel lugging our flasks and fish feasts and Denefblah’s diaper bag (j/k). We made sure our five-minute breaks never went beyond five minutes (we didn’t believe in wasting our time with mindless chitchat and unnecessary smoke breaks for the umpteenth time). We watched the Tankspot videos at least a day before the raid, and would even watch them again just before combat to refresh our memory.

If one of us messed up, that person moved heaven and earth not to commit the same mistake again, blood alcohol content permitting.  The willingness to succeed was there. There was no rage-quitting, no pointing fingers. Sure, sometimes we would get pissed at a particular player, but we were quick to set aside our irritation and get back to work.

Yes, sir, that’s how determined we were to down that son of a Lich!

Then one day, about the same time Patch 4.0.1 dropped, Real Life grabbed Snowy by the derriere, forcing her to take a hiatus from the game, and Takako’s comp decided to be a jerk to its master.

Since then, it’s been an uphill battle in Icecrown Citadel.

Not to mention we found ourselves having to PUG on Trade to fill a few slots.

I consider myself a very patient person but the last few weeks my patience has been tested beyond its limits — to the point where I am seriously thinking of moving to another server.

You invite a puggie to our guild run, that person quits after a couple of wipes.

You invite a puggie to our guild run, that person stays wipe after wipe after wipe…which he himself was the cause.

You go on what is ostensibly a 5-minute break..and at the fourth-minute count, some hyper-enthusiastic player decides to hearth to Dalaran to have a new gem cut for his latest acquisition

I don’t want to shame anyone in particular on this post as to why our recent raids – and NON-raids – have  been major clusterf*cks so I won’t mention names here.

Oh, and for those who might be wondering if I have something against puggies, allow me to disabuse that notion this very minute. No, I do NOT have anything against them. I am not some elitist jerk who only wants to run with her own guild. I have met many awesome puggies who did their jobs very well, and when I am the puggie to some other guild’s run, I make it a point to exercise the same discipline, focus and respect in that raid — I am after all representing Good Intentions and I’m not about to sully my guild’s name by:

1. Trash-talking on raid chat

2. Unnecessarily holding up the raid and wasting other people’s time

3. Being a loot whore

4. Blatantly wanting to be carried

5. Focusing on damage meters at the expense of raid awareness

6. Mooching flasks from others

7. Quitting after one wipe

8. Not playing my class properly

9. Not coming prepared to a raid

10. Not thanking the Raid Leader for the invite at the end of a successful run

To cut to the chase, folks, I EXPECT EVERY PUGGIE – AND HELL EVEN A GUILDIE – TO EXERCISE THAT SAME DISCIPLINE, FOCUS AND RESPECT IN EVERY RAID. Yes, yes, yes I know it is only a game. But there are players like me who want to achieve something major in this game that does not involve fishing coins out of the Dalaran fountain or stocking up on 500 f*cking Heavy Frostweave bandages. I want to down bosses. I want to enjoy end-game content. That’s why that core group of like-minded people was formed in the same place.  Though we lost a few good people to Real Life circumstances, we welcomed their substitutes with open arms and an open mind. BUT!

What am I trying to say here? You join our raid – or any raid for that matter – you better have that modicum of determination and motivation to help make it succeed, because seriously, darling, nothing is more devastating than seeing some flighty, inconsiderate, time-wasting, ill-mannered, DPS and loot-focused jackass ruin it all for players like me who are on a mission to down bosses. If exercising raid ethics is not your idea of fun for the price of $15 a month, amigo, I suggest you not raid any more and instead join Funnypiggy on Trade chat. That might be more right up your alley.

Postscript to God: sorry for all the bad words in this post. And once again, please give me back Snowy and Takako.


The Frostwing Halls! Sindragosa Down!

The Frostwing Halls! Sindragosa Down!


Frostwing Halls Achievement


(Click to see actual size)

The nightmare is over! We downed the bitch! WTFOMGWEDIDITWEDIDITWEDIDIT!!!

I screamed so loud when Sindy collapsed and the cheevo flashed on the screen, my kids’ nanny thought someone had broken into my room and assaulted me.

Weeks and weeks of learning the fights and watching the Tankspot videos again and again.

Months and months of watching Blood Legion’s first world kill of the Lich King and wondering if I would ever enter the Frozen Throne like they did.

Never in my wildest dream — after so many months of disappointment and broken promises and guild drama — did I expect to get this far.

Jaded Kingslayer title holders might laugh at me for making a big deal out of this experience but hell, please don’t tell me they didn’t feel both overwhelmed and exhilarated when they entered the Frozen Throne for the first time! Go take your snarky comments elsewhere, this is my guild’s moment!

Standing beside Highlord Tirion Fordring. It was so surreal.

That’s Takako in the middle explaining the strat to us. We were a bit tired, we didn’t expect to one-shot this fight, but hell we were ready to give it a few tries to get the feel of the fight. No guts, no glory!

Our first wipe. LOL.

We voted to extend the lockout period. We’re going to focus on the Lich King and nothing else. Learn the fight, get the coordination right, and try not to run around like a headless chicken.

I also want to add how mighty proud I am of my fellow raiders:

Voen – main tank

Fulka – off tank

Snowcow – raid heals

Starlord – raid heals

Takako – tank heals

Catain – DPS

Denefblah – DPS

Dommick – DPS

Doorack – DPS

Let’s get that son of a bitch, guys! We can do it!

Thank You, Officers

Thank You, Officers

Thank you, Eternalzig, Snowcow, Catain and the other guild officers of Good Intentions, for my promotion. 🙂

Thank you for believing in me, for all the fantastic support you have shown me since Day One, especially the time when I was harassed in-game by certain jackasses of another guild with whom my brief experience as a member had been nothing but negative. You stood by me during that very challenging time. You made me  a member of your core raiding group and for that I am very grateful and honored.

I am very fortunate to be part of this great guild. I feel I finally found a real home here on Borean Tundra.

Furry Friends

Okay, enough cheesiness from me, let’s go kick Sindragosa’s butt. I have a bone (literally and figuratively) to pick with that biatch.

Blood Queen Lana’thel Down, Professor Putricide One-Shotted!

Blood Queen Lana’thel Down, Professor Putricide One-Shotted!

I effing hate the Blood Queen fight but hell, we downed that little vampire biatch plus we got a second achievement!!!

Cloudrunner - The Crimson Hall 10 Player

Half the raid was dead when we downed her. I couldn’t bite the person I was supposed to bite. The bite toolbar wouldn’t pop up in time and I’d go insane and start attacking everyone. Ugh.

Oh I got a nice new necklace.  😀  Blood Queen dropped the Collar of Haughty Disdain and I was the only one who rolled for it for main spec.

We were tired after that encounter but figured, hell, the night was still rather young and we wanted to see if we could down Professor Putricide.

And you know what? We didn’t just down him, we one-shotted that demented Einstein wannabe!

(Click to see actual size)

(not in image: Duvakish who went AFK when I took this)

It was unbelievable. No one died. We have to thank Voen for providing an alternative strat, which involved us initially staying together on the right side of the room, without anyone running around away from each other like headless chickens. It was totally the opposite of Rancher’s strat, which required melee DPS staying away from the raid and running for your life, which to be honest irritated me because I find it hard to DPS  properly while constantly on the move.

So yeah, Voen, thanks for making my job so much easier for me, you just earned 100 sexy points in my book. I love you to bits!

I’m now 10/12 in ICC 10-man. 🙂

Tomorrow, it’s back to good ol’ Sindragosa.


Professor Putricide Down!

Professor Putricide Down!


(Click to see actual size)

Take that, you weevil!

Oh my god,  I so hated that fight, it gave me a colossal migraine.

We did it, guildies! Great synergy, great raid leader, great heals, great dps, great everything. Too bad Takako couldn’t make it. I told him the good news and he’s prouder than a…than a first-time father, I guess.

I’m now at 9/12 for ICC 10 man.

Next boss on the list…

Blood Queen Lana’thel!

But first, gotta familiarize ourselves with those bite rotations.  >.<

Blood Prince Council Down!

Blood Prince Council Down!

Oh God, don’t ask me how many times we died. Let’s just celebrate the fact that Good Intentions has downed the Blood Prince Council!

(Click to see actual size)

Rancher was main tank, Voen off-tank.

Snowcow, Starlord and Xbowermngr were heals.

Doorack, Osaley, Catain, Denefblah and I were the damage dealers. Den, though, was assigned to focus on one of the princes.

Den said I was highest DPS for that fight. Shocked the hell out of me, considering I died when the Council was down to 12%.

I hate getting one-shotted, I swear.

But anyway we killed the three gay princes and I am as happy as a clam!

Well done, Good Intentions!

That’s 8/12 in ICC for me.  😀

Proud to be a Member of Good Intentions

Proud to be a Member of Good Intentions

I am proud of my guild Good Intentions.

Yesterday in Icecrown Citadel, for the first time ever, we one-shotted Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, the Gunship Battle, Deathbringer Saurfang, Festergut and Rotface without anyone dying!

Cloudrunner and Deathbringer Saurfang

Yes, we know your name means “Heart of Draenor”. Your dad told us 1,387 times. And counting.

(Click to see actual size)

That’s Cloudrunner in the middle. Rotface didn’t stand a chance against our coordination!

And for the first time ever, we as a guild successfully rescued Valithria Dreamwalker!

Okay, so it’s an empty room. That’s ’cause Valithria bailed on us after we rescued her. The chick dragon was in a hurry.

We were still fired up after the Dreamwalker rescue, so we had a little discussion over whether to go for Professor Putricide or Sindragosa.

We chose the latter.

That’s us chilling pre-Sindragosa while watching the Tankspot video of the 10-man Sindragosa fight.

(Am I the only one who thinks Tankspot’s narrator Aliena sounds like a flight attendant?)

I guess we were already very tired when we engaged Sindragosa because some us were starting to get one-shotted. (But hey, it was our first time to combat Sindy so cut us some slack!)

Snowcow - Good Intentions

Finally, we decided to call it a night and continue our progression the next day. It was really the best ICC raid we’ve ever done and I am so damn proud of us!

But wait! Some didn’t want to log out yet so we stayed and did Mount Hyjal.

Mount Hyjal - Tyrande Whisperwind

It felt weird being next to Tyrande Whisperwind and not getting attacked. We killed this dame when we did For the Horde, shouldn’t she be pissed off at us?

Mount Hyjal Achievement - 1

Mount Hyjal Achievement - 2

I love old school raids, I swear. It’s so funny to see people in tier 10 or better gear wipe in Vanilla or Burning Crusade content.

And lastly, I finally got to do Vault of Archavon all the way up to Archavon himself! I was on my hunter Anhur. People normally drop out of raid after downing Toravon for the frosties but my guildies and I did all the bosses.

Archavon Achievement - Anhur - Borean Tundra

And only one of us died! Not bad at all.

Archavon Achievement - Anhur - Borean Tundra

Good job, guildies. I love you all.

Intermission: You Know Your Guild is Really Bored When…

Intermission: You Know Your Guild is Really Bored When…

…you kite Anachronos all the way from Tanaris to Orgrimmar and hold your bladder for 2.5 hours, at the same time hoping that the Alliance won’t spoil your mission by killing the dragon before you get to Org.


Here are screenshots of our journey out of Tanaris. We  trekked through the Shimmering Flats, Thousand Needles (where some poor dude asked on the local defense channel if anyone saw a dragon in the area)…

Thousand Needles Local Defense


…then Feralas


…then Desolace


…then Stonetalon Mountains


…then the Barrens



…then Durotar


(Click to see actual size)

…then finally Orgrimmar where people dueling outside were shocked senseless at the sight of the dragon.

Then typical of the idiots that populate this realm, they started DPS’ing Anachronos even AFTER we told them not to.

Props to my guildie Rancher who kited the dragon sans weapon and by literally walking backwards from Tanaris to Orgrimmar WITHOUT pausing. Dude, you are a beast!

Intermission: Cloudrunner Has a New Trinket!

Intermission: Cloudrunner Has a New Trinket!

Good Intentions did 25-man ICC last night and this time, I insisted that Cloudrunner be given a raid slot as he hasn’t done ICC in ages and my hunter Anhur is already in a dedicated core group to down the Lich King. I nearly begged one of the raid organizers to please, please, please give my beautiful boy a chance at winning that confounded axe from Lord Marrowgar! (It didn’t drop though, dang)

Well, good thing my guildies are so nice, I didn’t have to resort to begging or seducing.

So my beloved DK was in! Hooray!

(Click to see actual size)

That’s my sweetness in the middle.

The raid saw a couple of sloppy attempts on Marrowgar and Lady Deathwhisper…

Yeah, that’s me circled in the picture above. Hi Denefblah!

But the Gunship Battle was a piece of cake. We eagerly jumped off to get ready for our combat with Deathbringer Saurfang.

Ain’t he precious? 😀

So after downing Saurfang and his stupid Blood Beasts, one of our leaders took to the cache. The Deathbringer’s Will trinket dropped. I gasped, I rolled, I won.

Life is good.

The only thing about that trinket that freaked me out was its ability to transform you into one of the Northend races – albeit temporarily – when it “procs”.

Cloudrunner - Deathbringer's Will effect

Yeah, that’s Cloudrunner in one of his many transformations that night.

With my new trinket, my Gear Score is now 5749, plus I saw a significant increase in my DPS.

Plagueworks on Thursday night. Wish me luck. Hope people show up!

Rotface Down! Putricide on Sunday!

Rotface Down! Putricide on Sunday!

Prologue from a Death Knight:

Dear Diary,

I wanted to be included in my guild’s ICC core group but they preferred my ugly troll brother Anhur to me because his deeps are “leeter” (is there such a word?) and we are sorely lacking in powerful ranged DPS. Well, he may be in the core group but I’m still the pretty one who gets all the ladies (and the men). Come on, who would flirt with a face like his? Anhur has a perpetual scowl that makes him look like he’s battling constipation. And that hair! He seriously needs to see my hairdresser soon and I don’t mean that oily little green goblin in Dalaran.

Anhur may have the higher gear score but I have the stronger sex appeal!




Combat with Rotface

That’s me having sex with laying on the floor while the others are still duking it out with Rotface. I was one of the first few to die. In the end, only one person made it alive but we downed the son of a bitch!

(Click to see actual size)

So many dead bodies…

Here’s our photo opportunity with the fallen boss. Rotface’s corpse looks like a loaf of bread that was left out in the rain.

After that, we went for Professor Putricide but fatigue started to set in so we decided to call it and continue the raid on Sunday evening server time.

Great work, Good Intentions peeps! I love you all!