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First Raid with my New Guild

First Raid with my New Guild

Last night server time I raided for the first time with my new guild. We practiced our Nefarian encounter. I say practice because some us have never done Nef, and since it was our first time to work together, we have yet to mesh in a way that we could “predict one another” and improvise during those oh-shit moments. But I’m confident we’ll get there.

(Click to see actual size)

After that harrowing experience with the Ever After scum, I just want to move on and not talk anymore about them. But apparently that psychotic bitch Ducelet is still at it, harping about me and Blamethetank and Whathecrit (who earned her ire after his mage joined my new guild).

I should have paid attention to the warning signs a week before the guild drama exploded. Here’s a screenshot of a former Ever After member named Kasorex who bid Ducelet (who was on her hunter Twilightwake) the sweetest goodbye. I can’t believe I still have this image on file:

Kasorex Leaves Ever After

Yeah, nothing like telling Ducelet off for everyone to see. *chuckles

And since I have her on ignore, I can’t see any of the things she says on Trade. Blamethetank told me she was recruiting for people on Trade to join the guild to fill the raid spots he and I and Hordor and Whatthecrit once occupied. Goodness gracious, she has hundreds and hundreds of people in the guild, surely she can find a few good men in her roster to replace us?

Oh I forgot, she’d become less scrutinizing and just totally disregarded screening people. As long as you’re a willing peon who can contribute money to the guild vault for her to ninja, you’re welcome to join Ever After!

I’m so happy to be raiding again with nice people. There are no psychos in the team, no one calling first dibs on anything, no one shouting accusations on vent, and best of all, the Raid Leader showed up for his own raid!

If only for the latter jab alone, take that, you bitch!

Potscript to Ducelet and her Mindless Flock

Potscript to Ducelet and her Mindless Flock

P.S. @ Ducelet and her mindless flock (you interlopers know who you are), especially Kirlyn who walked past me in Orgrimmar and LOL’d at me and logged before I could say anything to him (yeah that’s real brave of you):

I leave you with a passage from one of my favorite psychological thrillers by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, “The Book of the Dead”.

“Surely, you know not to slash willy-nilly across your wrists; the knife is arrested by the tendons. For a more satisfactory result, cut lengthwise, between the tendons: just one cut: slow, forceful, and above all, deep.

Dear Crazy Li’l Ducelet

Dear Crazy Li’l Ducelet

Dear Crazy Li’l Ducelet,

For quite some time now, I’ve been wondering when your craziest, most insane self would manifest, and today was the day.

See, I knew there was something quite not right about you. I spotted that when the guild was young but I let it slide because we humans have our mood swings. I myself have my own imperfections, Lord knows, but I try to rise above them to the best of my ability.

You invited me to your guild with the saccharine-sounding name Ever After when it was only a couple of days old. I recall you whispered my guildless alt Ysabel, very politely asking me if I was looking for a guild and if I would care to join your level 1 guild with its 30 plus members or so. Because you struck me as someone normal and polite, I accepted your invitation. Pretty soon, the rest of my toons joined Ever After, including of course my beloved Death Knight.

Time passed. More people joined the guild and we started doing things together. Everyone was friendly and reachable. It was a peaceful, happy time.

On hindsight, it was the calm before the storm but I am getting ahead of myself here.

Then we started doing raids. Old school ones, that is. It was from those raids that you determined who were the most skilled and the most dependable — potential members of your Dream Team. And I happened to be one of them.

And it was while we were doing those old school raids that I first got a peek at your selfish nature. You brazenly declared  “first dibs” on everything that was of value — items for your Thunderfury quest, that stupid ribbon that drops from Precious in ICC…hell, you even called first dibs on Ashes of Al’ar should it ever dropped. I mean really? You gather a guild that you can use for items you can’t obtain by yourself?  Was that our original purpose? If yes, then you know what that makes you? A user.

Then we started doing the Cataclysm raids. We wiped repeatedly, but that’s all part of the learning process. It was still a happy time because we all got along and supported one another. You made sure to kick anyone who displayed the slightest hint of a bad attitude, and that was one of your best qualities as a leader. You wouldn’t take shit from bratty, immature members. And true enough, Ever After was brat-free.

But not for long.

The guild grew at an alarming rate. I say alarming because we took on too many people who felt entitled to raid even if they were as skilled and geared as a pile of donkey dung. People bitched. The bitching probably became too much for you to handle because eventually you announced the formation of Raid Group 2.

Then as we continued to grow and hit Level 25, that’s when things turned from shot to shit. The quality of our roster went from Social Registry to Jersey Shore Black Book. You had all these people who came out of nowhere asking what they needed to do to get promoted. Selfish, devious hypocrites a number of them are. And may I add, confused too because they saw you change the guild ranks more times than Lindsay Lohan got arrested for DUI. Even I got so confused as you would tell me one thing then totally counter yourself the next day. One word came to mind and since then I couldn’t shake it off:  SYBIL.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against people with personality disorders. I knew you were on meds and that’s okay. Do what you have to do to get a grip on yourself. But I wonder, especially during the last three weeks, if you’ve run out of supply or simply need to cut the dose, because truth is, honey, you started losing it. I saw how spineless you have become to the new faces that invaded our guild. I saw how you caved in to their wails of protest when I proposed to demote that devious little weasel Vokron. I saw how you couldn’t handle the mob. You’re the GM and you got scared of those self-entitled interlopers. For all your tough talk, you turned out to be a spineless scaredy little cat.

What happened to you, hun? I remember you kicking out folks who displayed the slightest bit of impertinence. But when I recently called out certain people for their rudeness, what did you do? You listened to them when they complained about me. You disregarded me, your officer and staunchest supporter, and while I was offline, you kicked my alts and demoted my DK like the fucked-up coward that you are.

What’s wrong, hun? Can’t handle me because I call a spade a fucking spade? Because I don’t hide behind some lame “I just want us to get along” stand? Because I refuse to let you sweep things under the rug? Hey, off-topic here, what did you do to the 50,000 gold you withdrew from the guild vault? Is it to buy yourself another Vial of Sands?

Someone told me that when I pulled my DK out of the guild, Sheister said on guild chat “She’ll be back.”  Well, you know what? I will never come back. And even if you kicked out the people who caused all the drama in the first place, I will never set foot in your guild again. I am done dealing with your volatile nature. I am done seeing your pathetic lackeys hide and whimper and suck up to you because they’re afraid of losing the guild perks. Sad to see people whoring their principles for a few guild perks.

I had my fun times with you and the Ever After peeps, but it’s time to step away from your psychotic tendencies. No need for me to plot your demise like some cheap Pulp Fiction character. You can very well manage that yourself. Oh, and karma’s a bitch by the way. Watch out.

Yours truly,


P.S. You really should see the Singing Ferret video! It describes you to a T.

P.P.S. Have the lambs stopped screaming?

Conclave of Wind Down!

Conclave of Wind Down!

My guildies and I downed Conclave of Wind!  (Sorry, no screenshots taken, got so excited I forgot to do them)

Then we did Al’Akir, who, erm, ended up doing us.

(Click to see actual size)

We got the bastard down to 2% and wiped. Nausica kept disconnecting from the game. Internet issues got him and us of course, since that meant we were one DPS short most of the fight. Replaced him, got Hordor for Bloodlust and Sheister switched to his mage. But our luck turned for the worst as the tank we pugged (yeah, we were forced to pug for a tank because our GM was unwell) kept getting thrown off the platform.

Oh well, we’ll try again next time.

Here’s a parting screenshot of my Evel Knievel act in Throne of the Four Winds:

Ever After’s Sexiest Voices on Ventrilo

Ever After’s Sexiest Voices on Ventrilo

Yes, I’m still bored. This is what happens when Tuesday brings in maintenance several hours long AND starts earlier than usual (today it started at 1 AM PDT).

Without my WoW fix, I’ve resorted to writing silly posts such as this one, which is like a part two of last year’s list of sexy voices on vent. However, this time, I’m limiting the list to my guildies. Since Cataclysm dropped, I’ve been hesitant to PUG the current content, preferring to raid with my own guild 100% of the time, in effect eliminating non-guildie candidates on Exodar from making it to the list.

But before I bust out the ten names, you might be wondering: how the hell do YOU, Cloudrunner, define sexy? How does one make your list of Sexiest Voices on Ventrilo?

Well, in order for a voice to make it, it must possess the following qualities:

1. It’s gotta be a man’s man’s man’s man’s voice. Baritone or something close to it. No Justin Biebers allowed, thank you very much.

2. It must have me at hello. Or whatever the hell the first word is uttered. If after two or three syllables I am mesmerized, then that voice makes the list.

3. It makes me and the other girlie-girls in the guild swoon in private.

4. It sounds confident and yet modest at the same time. I don’t like conceited tones.

5. It’s the kind of voice made for soft porn. You know what I’m saying.

Earlier I was in a private channel on Vent with two female guildies, and we discussed who among the guys had a sexy voice. To my amusement, our respective choices were almost similar, and both supplied me with a few more names to add to the Top 10.

Now for a quick disclaimer, same as last year’s:

– Just because I find the voices listed below sexy doesn’t mean I am crushing on the men. I like the voices, not the men! Let’s get that one thing clear and out of the way.

– If you see your own name in the list, don’t flip or get grossed out. Take it as a compliment.

– No, I wasn’t horny when I made the list. Neither were the two girls I spoke with earlier.

So without further ado, here are the ten men who possess the sexiest voices in Ever After:

10.  Merrdra

9.  Drunkendad

8.  Nausica

7. Neovenator

6. Holidin

5. Whathecrit

4. Hordor

3. Blamethetank

2. Goobernoggin

..and numero uno is….

1. Sheister

Yes, I’m shameless, I know.

Magmaw, Omnotron and Maloriak Down!

Magmaw, Omnotron and Maloriak Down!

Aaaaah, back to raiding! So glad to have my GM Ducelet back in town. And while I wasn’t happy to face Magmaw again (I hate being on chain duty because of my lag), we downed him fast (thanks to the nerf). And for the first time, we as a guild downed the Omnotron Defense System…

(Click to see actual size)

…where I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how the hell I survived that fight, as I kept running around like a headless chicken.

And we also downed Maloriak:

That’s me with Sheister’s Tauren pally Meatcleaver, another awesome tank following in Ducelet’s footsteps.

Happy with our progress, we proceeded to Atramedes…

…where, um, things didn’t go so well in the hitting-the-gong department. Just for the record, I wasn’t the one on gong duty!

We’ll try our luck again tonight server time when everyone is refreshed and not cranky anymore.

Grats to my loyal buddy Hordor on his latest loot: Circuit Design Breastplate. You deserve it, pal!  The guild thinks very highly of you and wishes to always have you as heals for the core raid group. I’m so proud of you!

Valiona Down!

Valiona Down!

Ever After downed Valiona in the Bastion of Twilight! It was a heart attack moment for me as I was running on a latency of over 1,000 ms but hell, we got the job done!

(Click to see actual size)

Grats to Sheister for winning Fang of Twilight and to Blamethetank for winning Helm of Eldritch Authority.

Still hyper over our new kill, we decided to head to Magmaw to see what goodies he would drop.

Still no mace for me. Grats to Ducelet on her nifty little trinket Symbiotic Worm and Blamethetank for his new pants Flame Pillar Leggings.

Great job, guys. I am proud of us!



Just a quick post before I start preparing for the graveyard shift.

It’s flattering and heartwarming to read on guild chat (while on my little-known and barely-played alt and people were oblivious to my presence) that my guildies consider me one of the best Death Knights they have ever known.   😀

Thanks for the compliments, peeps.