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Heroic Ultraxion Plus Gurthalak for PvP?

Heroic Ultraxion Plus Gurthalak for PvP?

We resumed our Dragon Soul practice run last night and downed Heroic Ultraxion.

Heroic Ultraxion

And did the rest of the bosses on normal mode. Deathwing dropped Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps, and since no one wanted it, I took it for myself. I have a mind to use it as a PvP weapon (my offspec is Unholy PvP), as I recall someone telling me I’d be better off PvPing with a Gurthalak than the Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Greatsword.

But is it worth sacrificing the resilience and critical strike? Reading the many different forums, opinions are divided over which weapon is better for BGs and arenas.

Cataclysmic Gladiator's Greatsword


Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

Decisions, decisions. Oh well, might as test both to compare. But if any of you can point me to reliable resources why I should (or should not) use a Gurth for PvP, please email me or leave a comment. Thanks!

After Deathwing, Now What?

After Deathwing, Now What?

So with Deathwing dead and my little guild proudly at 8/8, what’s next for casual raiders like me while waiting for the release of Mists of Pandaria? Try T12 and T13 raids on heroic mode? At one point we did mull over the idea…for three seconds and said, nah, not this soon when we’re still trying to recover from the headaches of normal progression and related issues (and as a side note, Raid Group 2 has yet to down Deathwing).

Recruit more people and try 25-man normal mode perhaps? Ha! Try recruiting on my server where there seems to be a dearth of sincere folks with the skills and the right attitude we’re looking for. From what I’ve seen since Cataclysm was released, a lot of players want to join a guild only for the perks and in the hopes of getting carried to their shiny tier tokens and titles. And last year’s experience taught me that the bigger the guild, the higher your chances of discovering steaming piles of turd instead of gems among your roster of recruits, who will either sabotage your guild with their Machiavellian manipulations or quit in a hissy-fit all because they can’t become part of the core group right away. My GM knows what happened to me last year and even he is cautious about adding more people lest it turn into a circus of disasters. So until we find more reliable players willing to stick it out with the oldies, we’re keeping recruitment open only to members’ friends.

Roll another toon? That would be going against one of my New Year’s Resolutions. I am trying to correct the habit of rolling a toon only to neglect it and let it languish in lowbie limbo. But what I am doing these past few days is leveling a night elf druid that I swore I would level to 85 before Mists of Pandaria drops, as I have always wanted to play a druid at max level. She’s a resto drood named Louisa and I’m really having fun healing on her. It’s a refreshing break from playing a DPS spec as it’s from a different perspective; players have become mere health bars to me. LOL.

PvP some more? I’ve been PvPing twice a week with Marrok and company and I am far from getting my 25,000 Honorable Kills (I have only 13,821 HKs as of this writing). Battlegrounds are a nice break from raids but only if you find yourself in a really great group that believes in capturing flags instead of fighting mid-field.

Quest some more? Sure! I still have to work on my Loremaster title, however I foresee myself attaining it before the middle of this year…which means that’s one less thing to look forward to before Mists’ release.

Get the guild to do old tier achievements for more nice mounts? Sure! That ought to keep us busy for a while.

And should massive boredom and “Cata-fatigue” still set in way before the expansion, well, I could always take a sabbatical. Maybe you could too, if you find that nothing apart from raiding interests you and you’ve seen all the content.

When even revisiting old school stuff no longer gets the blood flowing, then maybe it’s time to hibernate till the Pandaren come calling.

Bigfist - WoW

Madness of Deathwing: Destroyer’s End!

Madness of Deathwing: Destroyer’s End!

Finally, after one too many raid cancellations – including a near-cancellation tonight no thanks to the storm – and some guild issues too delicate to mention in this post – we finally downed Deathwing!

Destroyer's End Achivement - WoW

(Click to see actual size)

Skada - DPS - Madness of Deathwing

And what an ending it was, with me and another shammy the sole survivors of the fight. Well, actually he died and used self-rez so during the last few seconds I think I was the only one duking it out with Deathwing. But anyway, we did it and I swear my heart was pounding and hands shaking so badly I nearly fainted.

Grats, Wreckless Abandon, for a job well done. It was our first time to face Deathwing and we downed him on the same night! That’s another to-do I can now scratch off my New Year’s Resolutions list.

Grats to Rakurai on No’Kaled, the Elements of Death and Kestrin on Souldrinker!

Deathwing Will Just Have to Wait

Deathwing Will Just Have to Wait

Warmaster Blackhorn downed again. He ain’t a piece of cake when you have only ONE ranged DPS in the raid and the drakes keep snapping from their tethers.  >.<

(Click to see actual size)

And then came the debate on whether to extend the lockout or not.Frankly, I am sick of farming Morchok and company but we have a rogue in the progression group who needs his Elementium Gem Clusters. Not to mention I still have to get rid of my 384 gear. So looks like we’re starting from scratch AGAIN next week.

The monotony of Dragon Soul has gotten to me that I am actually looking forward to returning to Firelands to help a guildie continue his quest for Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest. Heck, I’d welcome any old school raid for that matter! Killing Deathwing for my New Year’s resolution can wait.

Now back to working on Loremaster.


Morthos of Deathwing

Morthos of Deathwing

In spite of my previous post, I managed to muster the courage to run a random Heroic and had my guildie Hellchild with me. Thankfully, it wasn’t Grim Batol but Lost City of Tol’vir.

Only to encounter this arrogant Recount-obsessed man whore named Morthos from the Deathwing server. He kept spamming Recount after every fight. And after his last spam, he very charmingly yelled “C-C-C-CARRIED” thrice, then like the coward that he was, left party because anyone could retort.

Morthos - Deathwing

Morthos - Deathwing 2

I have the last laugh, Morthos. You just earned a special place in my Death Knight Diaries Hall of Shame. You, sir, just gave me license to expose your shoddy attitude and post it for posterity. Lowlives like you are the reason the WoW community has turned into a toxic cesspool.

Your DPS must be the only good thing about your life. I really feel sorry for you, man.


Stood in the Fire…and Proud of It!

Stood in the Fire…and Proud of It!

I have never been this eager to die for some cheesy achievement.

The sky turned red in Uldum and I knew.

I searched for Deathwing’s aspect and flew right into his fiery breath.

Stood in the Fire


Aaaw, look at what that big bastard did to Uldum.

(Click to see actual size)

So who wants to tank Deathwing?