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DKDiaries Note from Author

DKDiaries Note from Author

I am on hiatus, folks, because I am squeezing in a ton of very, very, VERY important real-life tasks and commitments before the end of the world, I mean, year.

But hey, if we’re to take all those fatalistic predictions and interpretations of the Mayan Calendar seriously, here’s a piece of unsolicited advice: have all the great sex you want. That way you will meet your Maker with a smile on your face.

I will resume my wacky adventures in World of Warcraft before 12/21/2012. Yup, gotta squeeze in a game or two before the world disintegrates on that day!

Now off to take the portal to Real Life. Like Ahnold, I’ll. Be. Back.

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Wanna See Something Creepy?

Wanna See Something Creepy?

I was questing in Shadowmoon Valley to build rep with Netherwing when I noticed that something was not quite right.


No, I wasn’t referring to my turning into a fel orc. That’s normal when one enters Netherwing Ledge. I was referring to this:


Where the heck did my upper back go?



Finally found that ol’ bastid King Ping, the last rare I needed for Frostbitten cheevo!

Frostbitten - Cloudrunner - a

Frostbitten - Cloudrunner

King Ping - Cloudrunner

That is a big-ass penguin if I ever saw one.

It’s been a pretty good day in WoW for me, with the raids and this new achievement. Now if I could only say the same thing about Real Life. Ha!

Kingslayer At Last

Kingslayer At Last

It started earlier with some dude named Uglaznox announcing on Trade that he needed a few more people for a fresh ICC run.

Bored out of my wits and sick of rep grinding and mount farming in Outland, I whispered him if he needed melee DPS and he said, sure, then he sent an invite.

Things started a bit sloppily — no vent, one healer constantly dying (he was still level 80, trying to heal a bunch of 85s), a few ill-timed moves. Then a few peeps from the guild Legit, headed by this really cool girl named Aprilk, took over  a few vacated spots, lent us their vent and guided us through the rest of the boss fights. Oh, and my sweet friend Bloodsoed managed to get home from work in time to take up one of the raid spots, so it was really nice to have a familiar face in the group.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

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Pre-Lich King combat

Lich King at 10 percent

Frozen Throne Achieve - 1

Frozen Throne Achieve - 2

My New Favorite Ride

My New Favorite Ride

Woot! Finally got my Goblin Turbo-Trike!

Goblin Turbo-Trike

Took me several dungeon runs today to get exalted with Bilgewater Cartel in order to get this baby.

I used to feel bad that Allies got the Worgen and we got those little green men (and women).

But when I clapped eyes on this mount the first time, I told myself, meh, Alliance can keep those furry little wolf-men.  😀


Thank You, Officers

Thank You, Officers

Thank you, Eternalzig, Snowcow, Catain and the other guild officers of Good Intentions, for my promotion. 🙂

Thank you for believing in me, for all the fantastic support you have shown me since Day One, especially the time when I was harassed in-game by certain jackasses of another guild with whom my brief experience as a member had been nothing but negative. You stood by me during that very challenging time. You made me  a member of your core raiding group and for that I am very grateful and honored.

I am very fortunate to be part of this great guild. I feel I finally found a real home here on Borean Tundra.

Furry Friends

Okay, enough cheesiness from me, let’s go kick Sindragosa’s butt. I have a bone (literally and figuratively) to pick with that biatch.

Blood Queen Lana’thel Down, Professor Putricide One-Shotted!

Blood Queen Lana’thel Down, Professor Putricide One-Shotted!

I effing hate the Blood Queen fight but hell, we downed that little vampire biatch plus we got a second achievement!!!

Cloudrunner - The Crimson Hall 10 Player

Half the raid was dead when we downed her. I couldn’t bite the person I was supposed to bite. The bite toolbar wouldn’t pop up in time and I’d go insane and start attacking everyone. Ugh.

Oh I got a nice new necklace.  😀  Blood Queen dropped the Collar of Haughty Disdain and I was the only one who rolled for it for main spec.

We were tired after that encounter but figured, hell, the night was still rather young and we wanted to see if we could down Professor Putricide.

And you know what? We didn’t just down him, we one-shotted that demented Einstein wannabe!

(Click to see actual size)

(not in image: Duvakish who went AFK when I took this)

It was unbelievable. No one died. We have to thank Voen for providing an alternative strat, which involved us initially staying together on the right side of the room, without anyone running around away from each other like headless chickens. It was totally the opposite of Rancher’s strat, which required melee DPS staying away from the raid and running for your life, which to be honest irritated me because I find it hard to DPS  properly while constantly on the move.

So yeah, Voen, thanks for making my job so much easier for me, you just earned 100 sexy points in my book. I love you to bits!

I’m now 10/12 in ICC 10-man. 🙂

Tomorrow, it’s back to good ol’ Sindragosa.


Professor Putricide Down!

Professor Putricide Down!


(Click to see actual size)

Take that, you weevil!

Oh my god,  I so hated that fight, it gave me a colossal migraine.

We did it, guildies! Great synergy, great raid leader, great heals, great dps, great everything. Too bad Takako couldn’t make it. I told him the good news and he’s prouder than a…than a first-time father, I guess.

I’m now at 9/12 for ICC 10 man.

Next boss on the list…

Blood Queen Lana’thel!

But first, gotta familiarize ourselves with those bite rotations.  >.<

Blood Prince Council Down!

Blood Prince Council Down!

Oh God, don’t ask me how many times we died. Let’s just celebrate the fact that Good Intentions has downed the Blood Prince Council!

(Click to see actual size)

Rancher was main tank, Voen off-tank.

Snowcow, Starlord and Xbowermngr were heals.

Doorack, Osaley, Catain, Denefblah and I were the damage dealers. Den, though, was assigned to focus on one of the princes.

Den said I was highest DPS for that fight. Shocked the hell out of me, considering I died when the Council was down to 12%.

I hate getting one-shotted, I swear.

But anyway we killed the three gay princes and I am as happy as a clam!

Well done, Good Intentions!

That’s 8/12 in ICC for me.  😀