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Bye Borean Tundra: A Bittersweet Prose and a Bitchy Message – Part 2

Bye Borean Tundra: A Bittersweet Prose and a Bitchy Message – Part 2

Part 1 is here, folks.

This post is horribly delayed, but with so many exciting things to do since Cataclysm dropped, I didn’t have time to dwell on the negative experience I had that prompted me to leave Borean Tundra.

But since I feel compelled to finish the second and last installment (I hate leaving anything unfinished) , I figured it’s best to do it now, on the last day of the year, just to get the toxic stuff out of my system. See it as a cleansing ritual of sorts. Then I can move on.

So where was I?

What exactly was the straw that broke the camel’s back that prodded – nay, donkey-kicked me – into paying $75 to pull out my three major characters from Borean Tundra?

If you guessed the culprits were from my guild, you just won yourself a washer, dryer and a trip to a Hawaiian island (the good one, not the leper one).

Just think: you and your core group have been slaving away in ICC for a few months. You paid your dues. You learned the fights. The one day you found yourself with 11 bosses downed and facing the Lich King — the last bastard left stopping you from earning that much-coveted Kingslayer title.

You expect to wipe on him repeatedly and that’s okay. You’re thinking, we’re gonna get him sooner or later. Just keep extending the raid lockout. We’re gonna focus on that son of a bitch.

Then one day, the warrior dude responsible for extending the raid lockout decided he didn’t want to be locked to anything and passed raid lead to another Death Knight who technically was never part of our core group but nonetheless still a member of our guild (read: bench warmer), but just happened to be with us in the last raid.

Same Death Knight, eager to down the LK and with raid lockout in hand, decided one sugar-fueled evening that he couldn’t wait for the rest of us to get online and proceeded to advertise on Trade chat that he was looking for more to down the Lich King.

Ain’t that sweet! He was practically giving away several free golden tickets to the Lich King combat to people who didn’t have to effing sweat it out 11/12. When I saw the names of the people he invited, it struck me that majority of them haven’t even gotten past Putricide, and now they were getting easy access to the Lich King.


I blew a gasket and complained to Shath, one of Good Intentions’ big cheeses, and asked him to stop Bar — I mean, the other DK, from giving away the LK combat to non-guildies. I flipped a wig over how Scor that inconsiderate RL could easily give the lockout to a non-officer, throwing away our 11/12 efforts in ICC. I protested the injustice of it all. Months and months of hard work…and it was all going down the fucking toilet.

And it took one inconsiderate, thoughtless, two-faced person to trigger it all.

That’s right, loser, I’m calling you two-faced. What, you think I never found out that you would blame me for your own fuck-ups every time an officer questioned your lapse in judgement? How brave of you to point the finger at me when I am not there to defend myself. You have the cojones of a weasel. You must be so damn proud of yourself, bringing cancer to a guild that was already suffering the loss of our two best healers. We relied on you to help us sustain our progression but you only served to wreck it forty ways till Sunday and Sunday itself. You kept bringing all these loser puggies to fill our slots in the raid — people who can’t heal or DPS to save their sorry asses. But because they were your pals, they stayed, even though I wanted to beat them with a red-hot poker after the umpteenth massive ice block on Sindragosa.

Though I was glad you got kicked from the guild, it still wasn’t enough to fix the clusterfuck mess you left.

You sold us out.

Bumping into you in Dalaran was something I could no longer stomach. Seeing you and your ilk polluting the server and hurting your own friends made me realize it was time to take a sabbatical. Though it meant leaving some people I have grown to love, I valued my sanity too much to stay further.

Time to leave.

Before I could fucking chop your dick off with my two-handed axe.

With Mastercard in one hand and the other on the keyboard, I made Blizzard $75 richer.

Ladies and gentlemen, Cloudrunner has left the building and Borean Tundra. Thank you and good night.

Bye Borean Tundra: A Bittersweet Prose and a Bitchy Message – Part 1

Bye Borean Tundra: A Bittersweet Prose and a Bitchy Message – Part 1

I never imagined I would leave the first home I made in Azeroth. Being the sentimental sap that I am, I find it extremely difficult to tear myself away from people and places — albeit virtual – I’ve become quite attached to. I rolled and leveled two characters to 80 – and a third one up to 79 – on Borean Tundra, determined to enjoy my experience and earn every achievement possible. I shed blood, sweat, tears and cussed a storm. It was an experience filled with trial and error, comedy and tragedy, victories and defeats, romance and intrigue, and a few threats. I ran through the entire spectrum of emotions, sometimes chastising myself for allowing a mere game to get to me.

But you see, World of Warcraft evolved from being a mere game in my life. Being a social game where one can’t help but become attached to people, I found myself over the course of time developing friendships with caring individuals I was lucky to meet. And as for the horrid ones I was unfortunate enough to run into, let’s just say that those were the people who reminded me that the extreme flaws of Man — greed, lust, arrogance, pride, selfishness — do not spare even the virtual world. Flesh and blood mortals, after all, control the mouse and keyboard that serve as the strings of the pixelized puppets that inhabit Azeroth.

I became a resident of Borean Tundra in February 2009, the month and year that my hunter Anhur was born. It was a time of hope. When you’re new to WoW and you’re playing a freshly-rolled character that you plan on taking all the way to the level cap, you’re filled with all sorts of optimism and dreams and plans, and you say to yourself, surely I will run into like-minded players with the same goals, and we as a guild can all help one another conquer end-game content.

But as weeks and months passed and my hunter leveled and got into his first few guilds, I realized my own naivety when I learned that:

– Not everyone plays fair.

– It pains some people to show even a modicum of respect to their fellow players.

– You may be the nicest person they’ve ever met, but don’t expect them to be nice to you. Some people are just plain jackasses to others, all the more if you turn the proverbial cheek and select dignified silence.

– People actually take pixelized prizes very seriously. Way too seriously.

– Racking up achievement points is serious business. So serious I know someone whose achievement points are higher than his bi-monthly income. So what if he’s broke? At least he’s got more achievement points than you and me, he can finally afford to brag for once in his life! Come on, people like him need to feel like winners for once in their lives, so let’s cut him some slack.

– Trade chat trolling – and feeding the trolls – is serious business. Wintergrasp and that ICC boss can wait. Funnypiggy needs his audience.

– Not everyone who puts up a guild is a caring, fair and dedicated Guild Master.

– Not all your guildies will be nice and helpful to you. In fact, if they could sell you and their own grandmother down the river to have an edge in the raiding and loot department – and even sleep with the GM to secure a permanent spot in the core group – they would so in a heartbeat. If they could heap the blame on you for a raid gone wrong to save their own sorry asses, well hell, they would gladly do so – and with panache!

– Guilds are like high school all over again. You’ve got the token jackass, the token pacifist, the token gossip, the token heartthrob, the token hot babe, the token bad boy, the token bad girl, the token shy wallflower…you name it. There are people who play these roles to the hilt, and God forbid you’re the token shy wallflower who catches the eye – or ire – of the token jackass who would not hesitate to bully you around and humiliate you on guild chat and Vent.

There are flaws and irritations I am willing to let slide, but when push comes to shove, when you’ve been taken for a ride one too many times, when too many people have wrecked guild progression, when the negative experiences outweigh the positive ones, someone’s gotta choke.

I choked.

To be continued…

Who Loves Piggy?!

Who Loves Piggy?!

I meet the most interesting people via the Random Dungeon Finder system, I kid you not.

And today, I had the (dubious) honor of being grouped with Borean Tundra’s most notorious Trade Chat troll, Funnypiggy!

Funnypiggy - 1

Yes, I told myself, I finally get to run with a Legend!!!

Too bad he died within the first 2 minutes of the fight.

Funnypiggy - 2

And I failed to see why he would need on a green item.

Funnypiggy - 3

Then he just started slacking off in the DPS department until the tank flipped a wig and voted to kick him out of the group.

Funnypiggy - 4

Aaaaaw, I didn’t get to do one full run with Piggy. Damn.

Don’t worry, Piggy, I’ll devote a future post to your notoriety greatness. Been meaning to do that the last several weeks but you see, there was always something else cropping up that merited a post ASAP.

Keep trolling Borean Tundra’s Trade Chat! WE LOVE YOU!

I’ll Say It Again

I’ll Say It Again

Snowcow and Takako, please come back.

I hate depending on puggies to fill slots in our Lich King combat.

I hate seeing different people in each attempt, what with all that time wasted on explaining the fight.

Last night we tried a different spot when we engaged the LK. I wasn’t used to it. In fact, what was wrong with the original placement?

One puggie healer bailed on us without a word. What a charming f*cktard.

We wasted so much time advertising on Trade chat for replacement after replacement after replacement.

Where are all the motivated, responsible raiders on this Godforsaken server?

Oh yeah, they all left this realm.

Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change

Now that I’ve gotten over the shock and awe from Tuesday’s patch (amongst other interesting things), I can finally write this post.

Seeing the new launcher sent my heart rate through the roof.

(Click to see actual size)

Stepping into Orgrimmar for the first time took my breath away.

Overwhelmed was an understatement. I felt like a lost tourist in the city I once knew like the back of my hand.

Goblins are now our bankers.

Goblin Banker

The Archeology Trainer is in the city as well, but he’s about as useless as a pet rock (until Cataclysm, that is).

Archeology Trainer - Orgrimmar

That outfit is so….Vegas hotel concierge by day / male hooker by night circa 1989.

I say, our new boss has been busy. VERY BUSY.

Garrosh Hellscream

So busy he doesn’t have time to shop for a new shirt. Look at that physique. Now THAT is a real man Orc. The advertising peeps who work on the Old Spice commercials surely must draw inspiration from Garrosh.

I didn’t stay in Org the entire evening. I had to get my jollies riding this super-duper mega awesome rocket:

Joy Ride Rocket - World of Warcraft

So many changes that can’t be described or fit into one post. And I have yet to explore the other zones that were impacted by The Shattering.

But I learned that in spite of countless wonderful, massive changes Blizzard brought to this game last Tuesday, there are still a few things that have stubbornly remained the same, and will probably stay the same expansion after expansion after expansion, namely:

The Wonders of Trade Chat Exchange

Borean Tundra Trade - 1

Borean Tundra Trade - 2

The Egocentric Spamming courtesy of Funnypiggy

Funnypiggy Trade Chat - Shattering

And last but not the least:

The Daily Assault on Gamon!!!


Coping With Patch 4.0.1

Coping With Patch 4.0.1

So how have I — along with so many others on Borean Tundra — been coping with Patch 4.0.1 since it dropped?

Apopsoda summed up the first day very, erm, eloquently:

Apopsoda - Borean Tundra

In the midst of the confusion and chaos on the first day, I quickly turned to the WoW Insider page on Death Knights I bookmarked to help me deal with the major changes to the class. But even with the guide and sundry suggestions from players on Trade Chat, I still felt lost and confused. It didn’t help that Dalaran returned to being DaLAGran and my latency started shooting up to the thousands. Oh, and I kept getting stuck at the loading screen of every instance I tried to enter.

Fun times.

Still I appreciated some of the changes:

Like how the graphics became more vivid.

(Click to see actual size)

Dig the look of the water! But I’d rather have decent latency and a steady connection.

And how Zalazane is no longer on Echo Isles.

Echo Isles

Sixty-eight levels or so ago, my hunter Anhur died on this very spot so many times by Zalazane’s hands. Yup, trying to get Minshina’s Skull was a pain in the ass.

This scene brought a tear to my eye:

I’m gonna miss you, Uncle Thrall.

Anyway, the next few days were spent familiarizing myself with the new abilities and figuring out a rotation for my Unholy spec.

What rotation?

I discovered I could still kick ass by not following a rotation but actually playing the equivalent of whack-a-mole on my keyboard!

Icy Touch – Plague Strike – Scourge Strike – Festering Strike – Death Coil – flail my arms – scream bloody murder – smash keyboard – dance the La Cucaracha – do Scourge Strike when it’s up – refresh diseases – blame the guy who can’t speak English – Blood Boil the hell out of mobs – jump – flip ponytail like a cheerleader – rinse – repeat.

It also seems my fellow Tundramen have finally adjusted to the changes Blizzard made to their classes, as evidenced by their return to raiding…

Orcy - Borean Tundra

…and the return of the scintillating banter on Trade Chat:

Borean Tundra Trade Chat

I heart Borean Tundra! I heart this game!

The Frostwing Halls! Sindragosa Down!

The Frostwing Halls! Sindragosa Down!


Frostwing Halls Achievement


(Click to see actual size)

The nightmare is over! We downed the bitch! WTFOMGWEDIDITWEDIDITWEDIDIT!!!

I screamed so loud when Sindy collapsed and the cheevo flashed on the screen, my kids’ nanny thought someone had broken into my room and assaulted me.

Weeks and weeks of learning the fights and watching the Tankspot videos again and again.

Months and months of watching Blood Legion’s first world kill of the Lich King and wondering if I would ever enter the Frozen Throne like they did.

Never in my wildest dream — after so many months of disappointment and broken promises and guild drama — did I expect to get this far.

Jaded Kingslayer title holders might laugh at me for making a big deal out of this experience but hell, please don’t tell me they didn’t feel both overwhelmed and exhilarated when they entered the Frozen Throne for the first time! Go take your snarky comments elsewhere, this is my guild’s moment!

Standing beside Highlord Tirion Fordring. It was so surreal.

That’s Takako in the middle explaining the strat to us. We were a bit tired, we didn’t expect to one-shot this fight, but hell we were ready to give it a few tries to get the feel of the fight. No guts, no glory!

Our first wipe. LOL.

We voted to extend the lockout period. We’re going to focus on the Lich King and nothing else. Learn the fight, get the coordination right, and try not to run around like a headless chicken.

I also want to add how mighty proud I am of my fellow raiders:

Voen – main tank

Fulka – off tank

Snowcow – raid heals

Starlord – raid heals

Takako – tank heals

Catain – DPS

Denefblah – DPS

Dommick – DPS

Doorack – DPS

Let’s get that son of a bitch, guys! We can do it!

Top Guild Rivalry

Top Guild Rivalry

Current and former Tundramen have called Borean Tundra every bad name known to man and orc. Call it whatever you want, it’s still home to me. I play on several other servers but I spend more time here. What makes BT unique for me is its cast of characters that pepper Trade Chat with their prose and inanity, successfully eliciting reactions that run the entire spectrum of emotions, plus the struggles that come from being outnumbered by the Alliance, wanting to get a Realm First on everything, and proving to the world that Horde is still cooler than the Alliance, no matter how many Wintergrasp victories those Goody Two Shoes have earned.




Guild Rivalry - Trade Chat

Wonder what the Catalyst people have to say about Outläwkîñg’s remark?

Thank You, Officers

Thank You, Officers

Thank you, Eternalzig, Snowcow, Catain and the other guild officers of Good Intentions, for my promotion. 🙂

Thank you for believing in me, for all the fantastic support you have shown me since Day One, especially the time when I was harassed in-game by certain jackasses of another guild with whom my brief experience as a member had been nothing but negative. You stood by me during that very challenging time. You made me  a member of your core raiding group and for that I am very grateful and honored.

I am very fortunate to be part of this great guild. I feel I finally found a real home here on Borean Tundra.

Furry Friends

Okay, enough cheesiness from me, let’s go kick Sindragosa’s butt. I have a bone (literally and figuratively) to pick with that biatch.



This category is a tribute to the WoW players – both Borean Tundra and non-BT residents – whose random acts of kindness left a lasting impression on me.

This category also serves as a reminder to yours truly not to lose hope — that there are still kindhearted and unselfish people in this game. Even when your own guildies and friends let you down, at least there are still good people running around who know how to treat others with dignity and respect.



I met Vynlandis when I joined the guild Carpe Noctem. He initially struck me as standoffish, leaving me feeling too shy to chat him up. And since I was new to the guild and still feeling my way around, I kept to myself and took time to observe and assess the personalities of my new guildies.

Back then, Vynlandis was focused on gearing his Death Knight Qweenicyhart, and since I was always playing my own DK, there was the opportunity to compare notes on rotations, talent tree point distribution, glyphs and what-have-you. That broke the ice, so to speak, and pretty soon, he and I were conversing on comfortable ground and running randoms together to gear his pally. And whenever someone advertised on Trade Chat for more people to do an old-school raid, he was always quick to ask the Raid Leader to invite me.

As time passed, I realized my first impression of him was dead wrong. He turned out to be one of the warmest, friendliest, most helpful guys I met on Borean Tundra. And if I may add, fiercely protective. It was Vynlandis who convinced that arrogant jackass Coarse to let me stay in the ICC 25-man raid, explaining that my lower-than-usual DPS was caused by my being bonespiked by Lord Marrowgar repeatedly and not because I was clueless with my rotations or the fight. I was so touched that night that I gave him a whole stack of frozen orbs as a token of appreciation. He didn’t want to accept my gift at first, but I browbeat him into taking them.

When I asked him to make Hellfrozen Bonegrinders for Cloudrunner, he dropped what he was doing and switched to his paladin to craft the boots for me. Same thing when I asked him to cut me several gems in one sitting. He worked on my request faster than I could finish saying “please”. He always said there was no need to tip, but I insisted on paying him for his effort.

His kindness and helpfulness didn’t stop there. When I needed to run a random for frosties, he’d volunteer as my tank so I could get an instant queue. When I couldn’t get into anybody’s VoA because they needed RDPS and not MDPS, Vynlandis and another former guildie Natsu organized and led a VoA 25-man, with both of them tanking, just so I could get my frosties. That was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me on this server!

Then drama in Carpe Noctem broke out, which I won’t rehash in this post. I saw it coming, but what took me aback was when Vynlandis and two other good friends followed my former GM Mooko to another server.

That broke my heart.

He added me to his Real ID friends so we could still communicate in game, but it just wasn’t the same not having him beside me raiding and wiping and learning the fights and laughing it off. Oh, he had a hunter alt that stayed in Borean Tundra, but it was his paladin that I missed for sentimental reasons. I thought I’d never see that toon of his again.

Until one day, he logged on his pally and told me via Real ID message to check out where he was.

He was back in BT. He was home.

I was elated beyond words. I had my friend back. We could raid together again! It’s sexy hero time!

I asked him to heal for our Ruby Sanctum 10-man, which kinda shocked him since he didn’t think he was RS material. I told him I believed in him and to haul his ass to Wyrmrest Temple.

So we wiped on Halion, but it was okay. We were still learning the fight. Vynlandis kept apologizing on Vent for his “crappy tank healing”. I thought he did well, and so did everybody else. That’s how humble this awesome friend of mine is.

Vyn, if we’re ever short on a tank heal, I’m definitely going to call on ya again. Don’t be a stranger, dude. You’re always welcome to join my guild. And again, welcome back to Borean Tundra!

Thank you, Vynlandis, for being so wonderfully nice to me.