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Magmaw, Omnotron and Maloriak Down!

Magmaw, Omnotron and Maloriak Down!

Aaaaah, back to raiding! So glad to have my GM Ducelet back in town. And while I wasn’t happy to face Magmaw again (I hate being on chain duty because of my lag), we downed him fast (thanks to the nerf). And for the first time, we as a guild downed the Omnotron Defense System…

(Click to see actual size)

…where I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how the hell I survived that fight, as I kept running around like a headless chicken.

And we also downed Maloriak:

That’s me with Sheister’s Tauren pally Meatcleaver, another awesome tank following in Ducelet’s footsteps.

Happy with our progress, we proceeded to Atramedes…

…where, um, things didn’t go so well in the hitting-the-gong department. Just for the record, I wasn’t the one on gong duty!

We’ll try our luck again tonight server time when everyone is refreshed and not cranky anymore.

Grats to my loyal buddy Hordor on his latest loot: Circuit Design Breastplate. You deserve it, pal!  The guild thinks very highly of you and wishes to always have you as heals for the core raid group. I’m so proud of you!

Valiona Down!

Valiona Down!

Ever After downed Valiona in the Bastion of Twilight! It was a heart attack moment for me as I was running on a latency of over 1,000 ms but hell, we got the job done!

(Click to see actual size)

Grats to Sheister for winning Fang of Twilight and to Blamethetank for winning Helm of Eldritch Authority.

Still hyper over our new kill, we decided to head to Magmaw to see what goodies he would drop.

Still no mace for me. Grats to Ducelet on her nifty little trinket Symbiotic Worm and Blamethetank for his new pants Flame Pillar Leggings.

Great job, guys. I am proud of us!

Postscript to Magmaw Down!

Postscript to Magmaw Down!

I just want to congratulate two special players who happen to be two of my closest friends in the game;

DENEFBLAH, our Raid Leader for guiding us throughout the fight. Living proof that deviating from Tankspot guides is NOT downright sacrilege.

HORDOR, for his awesome, awesome heals. Grats on the Lifecycle Waistguard, buddy boy. You deserve it!

And on a final note, grats to me for carrying out chain duty on Magmaw 100% of the time in spite of the heart-stopping latency of 1,700 ms that suddenly hit me in the middle of that final combat, and still pulling a respectable 14K DPS (second highest, behind Denefblah).

See you all in next week’s raid.