So I Got All These Great Plans…

So I Got All These Great Plans…

God Laughs

Don’t know if I should call it a cosmic joke, a test or the Man upstairs just being playful with me.

I’ll write about it when I’m feeling better. I’m worn out from doing chores and a ton of homework, wherein I discovered I can’t conjugate for shit (I’m taking Spanish) nor make sense of financial formulas (I’m also taking Finance). Must be information overload that’s getting to me. And that’s just two out of the five classes I signed up for.

Later, folks.

2 thoughts on “So I Got All These Great Plans…

  1. Hmm sounds rough.
    I work fixing quite intense data integrity issues with customers accounts for the biggest telecommunications company in the UK and sometimes the work feels like someone has popped a food whisk in my ear and turned the handle, so I do understand information overload.
    I have made sure that I don’t take any of this crap home with me by turning my brain off every time I leave work. . .my time is for relaxing and not stressing.
    The chores however. . . well they just never go away =(

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