Introducing Lizzie

Introducing Lizzie

Friends, meet my Death Knight, Lizzie.  /cue mood music

Lizzie - Death Knight

So this post is about the inspiration behind her name, being written on a slow night on half a brain (with the other half already thinking of what I should cook for breakfast tomorrow Tuesday, a day reserved for more meticulously-prepared morning meals due to it being patch/maintenance day and a time for me to get my ass off the computer chair and do something different and creative, though I have yet to see a downtime announcement.)

Right, so why Lizzie?

Prior to doing the server/faction transfer, I was toying with the random name generator and occasionally checking out a society gossip blog penned by a Manila writer. I saw a photo of one of my country’s most prominent socialite-philanthropists, Lizzie Zobel de Ayala.

Lizzie ZdA

(Image from the International Peace Foundation)

I’ve always been an admirer of Ms. Zobel and her family, who are down-to-earth people despite owning bazillions. Her sister-in-law was my classmate in college and she was probably the only billionaire heiress who didn’t go about town in a limo and a horde of bodyguards. They were that low-key. Anyway, I’m starting to digress so to get back on track, something prompted me to check if the name Lizzie was available and – lo and behold – it was and I quickly reserved it.

Now it might seem a bit off naming an axe-wielding Death Knight after such a sweet, generous lady. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, backtracking 121 years ago, that name became synonymous with a still unsolved-murder that took place in Fall River, Massachusetts involving a dour, heavy-set broad and an axe. And if you guessed Lizzie Borden, BINGO! You win the grand prize plus the turkey deep fryer we’ve been wanting to get rid of (oh wait, my S.O. threw it in the trash, never mind.)

Lizzie Borden Rhyme

(Image from Wikipedia)

I’m not about to bore you with details of the case where she was acquitted, but suffice to say that whoever wielded the axe sure did a real number on Borden’s father and stepmother:

(Click to see actual size)

(Images from UMKC School of Law)

Oh, and contrary to what that sick nursery rhyme says, the killer didn’t give them a total of 81 whacks. Andrew Borden got 15, his unluckier spouse Abby 18.

So the two namesakes – one from present times and the other from over a century ago – serve as the perfect representations of my Death Knight’s dual personality. My Lizzie is both nice and nasty, calm and temperamental, giving and avaricious, peace-loving and bloodthirsty. She’s easy to get along with, but get on her bad side and she’ll wield that axe like an executioner on PCP and give you the proverbial forty whacks.

Or she can just suffocate you to death with her breasts. Take your pick.

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  1. I discovered your blog while googling and checked a few of your early posts. Welcome to the alliance and keep the funny posts coming!

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