Who the heck are you?

I’m just another WoW player who happens to have her own website. Also, I am now retired.

Why a public diary of your gaming?

The world needs another website where dirty laundry gets aired.

I’m kidding. I just wanted to document and share my WoW experience with fellow players so I got a proper domain where I can write to my heart’s content.

Did I mention that I am now retired?

Why do you like the Death Knight class so much?

* I love Howling Blast. Shallow but true!

* It’s easier to solo old school content as a plate wearer. The best part: I get to keep all the loot and vendor them, in effect earning a pretty penny for myself. Oh, and if a rare mount drops, it’s all mine!

* The death grip. I love that dang death grip. If only to annoy certain people.

* If I’m going to spend hours questing, farming for gold and mats, and grinding for rep, I may as well play a class that doesn’t die too fast.

You used to play only male characters. Why?

There’s a rather embarrassing story behind that. I actually started with a female Blood Elf hunter. Then one night this dude – another Belf – approached clueless little me offering to help me level.

I accepted Mr. Good Samaritan’s offer and before I knew it, I hit level 10. Then out of gratitude – and naivety – I asked the question that sealed my fate: “How can I repay you?”

Bells and whistles must have gone off kicking Mr. Good Samaritan’s depraved juices because he quickly replied, “Well, there’s this achievement I need help with….”

He then told me to follow him to the second floor of one of the inns in Silvermoon City. Now you fellow Belfs out there know that SMC’s inns are a hotbed for flirtations and virtual sex, but of course, me being a new player back then, I had no f*cking clue. He ordered me to take off my gear — every single one of them — because the achievement required players to be naked.

Stupid me, yes, I took off all my gear, THEN asked, “what’s this achievement called?”

He whispered, “Hide the Sausage.”

To cut to the chase, folks, he never got that (fictitious) achievement, because the second he started talking dirty to me I logged out faster than a ninja looter, deleted that character and rolled my ugly troll hunter Anhur. Since then, no guy ever dared to hit on me in-game.

Until they heard me on Vent and saw my Facebook photos.

Why the name Cloudrunner (the original name of your Death Knight)?

I like giving my WoW characters elegant, commanding names. And for a Blood Elf, I wanted a name that evoked the image and lore of his race.

And just ’cause it’s a pretty name. I have to thank Town & Country magazine for the inspiration. Read all about it here.

You think you’ll ever get to kill this expansion’s final boss on heroic mode?

I’ve heard comments about how people on death row have brighter futures but I’d love to down him someday.

Edit: As I am now retired, I’m content with my normal Garrosh kill. Next question please.

What is the meaning of life?

Life, erm, life is a PvP server? I dunno.

Why did you make an FAQ page when you don’t even have that many readers asking you questions to begin with?

Because having an FAQ page is cool and I like preempting questions.

How’s life outside and without WoW working out for you?

In a word, awesome!

4 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Very clean and fresh blog, this is certainly something the community lacks. Keep doing what your doing doesn’t matter how many or few readers you have this went to favourites

  2. Quite funny 🙂 you have yourself a new reader! Found your blog by searching pics for the heart of aspects which i bought but haven’t had sent to my mail yet :S


  3. I like your blog. I found it on accident when looking for info on the Grand Armored Wyvern. I’m a DK as well and we definitely get no love. =( lol Nice blog. Makes me again believe in cool people on wow and not the douches I seem to constantly run into. Along with going in as dps only to have people sit there and expect me to tank. Ummm no.

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