Dynamic Duo!

Dynamic Duo!

WOOT! Got my alliance hunter to level 90 and got two sweet cheevos for my effort. 🙂

(Click to see actual size)

That’s another 45 achievement points to my credit. I plan to make this hunter my PvP toon as today I rediscovered the joys of PvPing as a ranged class. I also got a lot of PvP practice outside BGs today when I — a Hordie at heart — absentmindedly flew into the Horde capital in Vale of the Eternal Blossoms and got my Draenei ass whupped to Kingdom come. Note to self: stop flying around on semi-autopilot mode.

Alright, folks, back to my DK for some auction house PvP’ing. Some ass clown keeps undercutting me. >.< Oh, and here's wishing y'all a Happy New Year in advance!

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