Dreaming of Ashes of Al’ar

Dreaming of Ashes of Al’ar

First post in ages! I have been so busy with a million and one things, I almost forgot this website existed. While I did Tweet on occasion, my blog languished somewhere between my Justice and Moral Philosophy readings and road trips.

Anyway, I figured this would be a good time to update it and bore my remaining three (probably less) readers AND make the most of my paid domain and web hosting. I’d like to talk about a dream I had last night.

Last night, I had a dream about Ashes of A’lar, the mount I never got.

Ashes of Alar

(Image source: Wowhead screenshots)

I used to dream of World of Warcraft-related stuff A LOT when I was an active player (the really bad nightmares involved being imprisoned and forced to do dailies as hard labor). I guess when one plays too much of a game, the virtual world’s content has a tendency to take over you not just in your waking hours but also in your slumber.

Since hanging up my plate gloves, the WoW dreams tapered off until they stopped. Until last night.

In my dream, I was running Tempest Keep: The Eye, not on my Death Knight, but on my Alliance hunter. I killed Kael’thas Sunstrider, who dropped the mount, but for some reason I couldn’t loot it. Click, click, click. Damn thing won’t let me loot it. Click, click, click again. No luck. WTF?

The dream ended with me furiously sending a ticket to Blizzard demanding them to fix the glitch and to gimme my mount ASAP. I woke up without knowing if I ever got a reply.

Now, because of one silly dream, I have a hankering to get back on WoW just to try for that damn mount.

My practical side tells me, “what’s the point of trying for and getting the mount if you’re not staying for the long haul?”

My impractical, shallow side retorts, “I don’t like leaving unfinished business behind.”

Practical side: “You’re seriously considering subjecting yourself to weekly hours of frustration and disappointment for mere pixels?”

Impractical, shallow side: “Sure, if it would make retirement from WoW a little more fulfilling.”

Practical side: “You’re a bloody masochist, that’s what you are.”

Impractical, shallow side: “Maybe I am.”

Yeah, maybe I am.

Shit, I need to sleep on this before I do something irrational.

15 thoughts on “Dreaming of Ashes of Al’ar

  1. Doooooo it, you know you want to….

    Come back to us…

    Look how sparkly and pretty Alar-ry is (my ashes of al’ar’s name ^^)

    I’m pretty sure I started farming for that mount well after you as well. Seems only justified to finish it off ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. As one of your remaining 3 readers…

    I enjoy your blog immensely. As with any parting of ways, I hated to see you set your helm on the mantle. That means no more nifty adventures to read about.

    Understanding the monkey-on-the-back that is WoW, I’m not going to post any “Do it. You know you want to”s. Nor will I tell you “You should listen to your practical side.” I will simply say that you should do what makes you happy.

    Take care.

    1. Hi Aestalas, thanks for the kind words. I’m happy that my life no longer revolves around WoW (looking back, raiding ate both my time and soul!), but I do miss the “noob days” when I was just happily and innocently enjoying the game for the first time, exploring and questing and meeting people, before raiding ambitions overwhelmed me. I’d love to go back to that time when I was just “on my own”, you know what I’m saying. But after having been-there-done-that-bought-the-Tshirt, I don’t know if I can ever relive those innocent days should I choose to pop back into Azeroth.

      1. So quick count here….I count 4 distinct commenters on this post. When you factor in that not all readers are commenters, it’s safe to say you still have over a half dozen readers.

        So NYAH!

  3. Well if you have that itch you need to scratch then scratch it =)

    I only started farming the mount this expansion but made sure that if I have a character that could do it, I’d run it on them. My daughter and I are on the same account so it was double the reason to try and get it.
    I finally got it after many many months of attempts, on my DK of course and the best thing about it was that it meant I would never have to go to TK again ‘happy dance’.

    However, it does sound like you miss playing wow on some level and might be subconsciously making an excuse to come back. No reason why you can’t, just do it for relax time and a change of pace from all the work you are doing now.

    1. What’s with all you guys getting Ashes?! I hate all of you! LOL.

      I’m going through a lull where I have some free time between obligations, which also explains the restlessness I have now. Sure, I could just buy a 2-month game card and try my luck in TK…and Black Temple to get the other glaive, haha. But my practical side insists that the 30 dollars would be better spent on petrol or a portion of my course fees.

  4. As has been said do what feels best for your situation. It still worries me how much of a time sink WoW is, thats why i gave up raiding and only do casual arena and ally horde wars on timeless isle.

    P.S. If i wanted to rub it in I would have casually mentioned i got full glaives on my rogue alt after only 8 illidan kills, but good thing i’m not that kind of nasty person who rubs things in….oops ๐Ÿ˜›

    PPS. I MISS YOUR BLOG!! Had an idea for a blog series, you could post some memorable screen caps and tell the story behind. I love going through my old screenies, nostalgia ftw!

    1. Memorable screen caps, hmm, I could do that. I also need to write the last installment on my WoW movie posts. I need to finish that one before I start on my next real-life project.

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