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Warlords of Draenor: Someone’s Returning to WoW

Warlords of Draenor: Someone’s Returning to WoW

Beautiful, incredible cinematic trailer!

Amazing what one trailer can do to change a person’s mind about not playing the next expansion.

But nope, it’s not me.

Hubby revived his WoW account recently to do some arenas and pet battles while things are slow at work, but he himself had declared repeatedly that Mists of Pandaria is his last xpac.

Until he saw the trailer and urged me to watch it.

“It’s (bleep)ing awesome, hun!” he yelped, followed by a declaration that he will return for WoD full-time.

I agree. But you see, even if I would like to return, there’s a little probem:

I gave my WoW account to his niece. (inb4 it’s against the ToS; I supervise her use of it. I still have control over the account)

I gave it up after I got my Ashes of A’lar at the end of my brief return to the game. My Horde hunter was the lucky alt that got it.  /woot /flex #fuckingatlast

Ashes of A'lar mount

(Click to see actual size)

Now I have the mount that I had been dreaming about since I first clapped eyes on it as a clueless noob. Mission accomplished. I can retire in peace.

Also, I got a new fantastic job and I’m working on a second draft for a novel.

So, I have absolutely no time for a game that requires a good chunk of your week in order for one to enjoy it. What is the point of playing WoW when you can only play it a couple of hours a week?

I hope Warlords of Draenor will turn out to be the best expansion in the history of the game. I wish you guys a very happy gaming!

Dreaming of Ashes of Al’ar

Dreaming of Ashes of Al’ar

First post in ages! I have been so busy with a million and one things, I almost forgot this website existed. While I did Tweet on occasion, my blog languished somewhere between my Justice and Moral Philosophy readings and road trips.

Anyway, I figured this would be a good time to update it and bore my remaining three (probably less) readers AND make the most of my paid domain and web hosting. I’d like to talk about a dream I had last night.

Last night, I had a dream about Ashes of A’lar, the mount I never got.

Ashes of Alar

(Image source: Wowhead screenshots)

I used to dream of World of Warcraft-related stuff A LOT when I was an active player (the really bad nightmares involved being imprisoned and forced to do dailies as hard labor). I guess when one plays too much of a game, the virtual world’s content has a tendency to take over you not just in your waking hours but also in your slumber.

Since hanging up my plate gloves, the WoW dreams tapered off until they stopped. Until last night.

In my dream, I was running Tempest Keep: The Eye, not on my Death Knight, but on my Alliance hunter. I killed Kael’thas Sunstrider, who dropped the mount, but for some reason I couldn’t loot it. Click, click, click. Damn thing won’t let me loot it. Click, click, click again. No luck. WTF?

The dream ended with me furiously sending a ticket to Blizzard demanding them to fix the glitch and to gimme my mount ASAP. I woke up without knowing if I ever got a reply.

Now, because of one silly dream, I have a hankering to get back on WoW just to try for that damn mount.

My practical side tells me, “what’s the point of trying for and getting the mount if you’re not staying for the long haul?”

My impractical, shallow side retorts, “I don’t like leaving unfinished business behind.”

Practical side: “You’re seriously considering subjecting yourself to weekly hours of frustration and disappointment for mere pixels?”

Impractical, shallow side: “Sure, if it would make retirement from WoW a little more fulfilling.”

Practical side: “You’re a bloody masochist, that’s what you are.”

Impractical, shallow side: “Maybe I am.”

Yeah, maybe I am.

Shit, I need to sleep on this before I do something irrational.

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I was…#6

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I was…#6

As a WoW Player, at least I

– never ninja’d anything from the guild bank

– never used/abused/abandoned others to reach my objectives in the game

– always paid for my own repairs outside raids. I don’t believe it is your guild’s responsibility to pay for repairs incurred outside guild runs. Whatever wear and tear you inflict on your gear as you quest/explore/PvP/hunt for rares/et cetera by your lonesome is your own doing; hence, you are to pay out of your own damn pocket. Quit treating the guild like it’s your personal piggy bank. On that note, quit seeing your GM as your own Obama who’s willing to support your lazy ass.

– That said, I was never a lazy player. NEVER. I. had. a. work. ethic.

(I also like to punctuate the f*ck out of my closing sentence for emphasis)

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#5

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#5

As a WoW player, at least I

– did my best to treat everyone fairly

– was never to rude to anyone, unless they were rude to me first, then that’s when I unleash hell

– did not pull ahead of tank, except on certain runs when people were asshats, then that’s when I pull all the things and leave party

– did not roll on off-spec tank gear if I knew the tank needed it more, but if he rolled on my DPS gear and won it, then that’s my queue to roll need on his shit…and pull all the things and leave party.

Pull all the Things

Screw the proverbial turn-the-other-cheek, I like Hammurabi’s Code better. An eye for an eye!

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#4

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#4

As a WoW player, at least I was

– humble enough to accept that I had to pay my dues first before I could earn a raid spot

– did not misbehave in any manner that would sully the guild name or my own name for that matter

– did not trash other guildies on guild chat, whether they were offline or online. If I had a complaint about someone, I would tell an officer privately

– did not spam guild chat with Recount/Skada to brag about my numbers, because who really wants to see that shit?

– did not resort to Machiavellian or traitorous things to get someone kicked from a raid team so I could get his spot!

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#3

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#3

As a WoW player, at least I was

– a dependable raider. 99.99% of the time I was punctual, and I ALWAYS had my own flasks and feasts.

– I also had the good sense to repair BEFORE the raid, unlike the idiots who would zone in and, literally a few seconds before the first pull, pipe up: “Um, anyone got a Jeeves? I forgot to repair.” >.<

– I knew how to avoid crap on the ground, not caring if my DPS took a hit if I stopped to run away. I’d rather stay alive.

– I was NEVER  a loot whore. Not once did I ever whisper the winner of a loot roll that I deserved it more than he did, or how much he’d want for it, or how he didn’t deserve it because his DPS blew monkey balls.

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#2

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#2

As a WoW player, at least I was

– helpful to newbies

– patient with and considerate to nervous first-timers (“My first time in this dungeon, sorry”, “Please don’t kick me, I’m still working on my rotation.”)

– didn’t openly make fun of those with the wrong gems and enchants (except for those who stubbornly insisted that they were right and I was the retard)


A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#1

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#1

This is a new category I created where I will write short posts reflecting on my time as a World of Warcraft player. This is the first post.

As a WoW player, at least I was

– self-sufficient

– didn’t beg, borrow or steal

– looked up things myself rather than pestering others to give me the answers

– basically not a pain in the ass to people

So I Got All These Great Plans…

So I Got All These Great Plans…

God Laughs

Don’t know if I should call it a cosmic joke, a test or the Man upstairs just being playful with me.

I’ll write about it when I’m feeling better. I’m worn out from doing chores and a ton of homework, wherein I discovered I can’t conjugate for shit (I’m taking Spanish) nor make sense of financial formulas (I’m also taking Finance). Must be information overload that’s getting to me. And that’s just two out of the five classes I signed up for.

Later, folks.

Top-Ranked Realm Doesn’t Always Mean Top-Quality Players?

Top-Ranked Realm Doesn’t Always Mean Top-Quality Players?

I said my goodbyes in that post I wrote on January 7th. I handed over my WoW account to my husband, who has the privilege to use my characters for farming purposes. My sub expires next week. It’s up to him if he wants to extend it.

Since hanging up my plate gloves, I’ve been busy with classes and homework, fixing up my home, writing my novel and visiting relatives. Every now and then I would lurk on my level 90s spread across different servers to check out a few guilty pleasures (read: trolls like Icebat on Whisperwind, who is still on a roll on how awesome a president Obama is, thus earning him the ire of half the country and a number of international terrorists). On some days when I’m on break, I would hop on my DK to run my husband’s alts in old school raids for the mounts he doesn’t have yet or farm his mats while he’s at work.

I’ve been meaning to write this particular post for ages but somehow never got around to doing it. But after last night’s event, I decided that it was high time to write it (and dang it, I paid good money for my domain and hosting service, so might as well keep this little blog active).

You see, I got my first normal Garrosh kill last night.

(Click to see actual size)

(Yeah, what a way to spend the last week of my sub, right?)

I had logged on my account to farm Frostweave Cloth in the heroic 5-man dungeons in Northrend. I was in Dalaran when I saw some dude spamming Trade for DPS for a Garrosh kill, and because I don’t have the impulse control that Amy Chua talks about in her book The Triple Package, plus it was a slow night for me, I whispered the guy and asked to join.

I ended up with a bunch of French dudes talking rapid-fire, um, French and could barely keep up with my weak grasp of the language. But to my relief, a few could speak good English.

It wasn’t a guild run. It was a pug group of random people put together. The French guys were as cool as a cucumber even on what was probably our sixth low-percentage wipe. Even more amazing was that no one quit. In my experience, people would leave group after the third wipe.

Next attempt was a success. I got my title, mount and Xal’atoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl from a bonus roll. I thanked the raid leader profusely and left.

Now on to the meat of this post.

My DK’s last four servers, including this one, are consistently ranked among the top 20 realms in I chose those realms because I was naive enough to think that if a realm was in the top 20, it meant that the majority of its playerbase was top caliber and the chances of ending up with baddies were low.

Yeah Right

(Image source:

Now the description “top caliber” in my personal lexicon doesn’t just mean skilled. It also means disciplined, dependable, reliable. It means you know when to jump out of shit, topping-the-damage-meters be damned. It means learning from your mistakes. It means being a team player and acknowledging that there is no “I” in team.


Well, after being in four highly-ranked servers, I learned that it doesn’t necessarily follow that you got excellent pickings left and right. In my experience, I ended up playing with plenty of people who were guilty of any or all of the following:

1) Got carried to their title by the truly skilled.

2) Just want to get carried by all and sundry.

3) Wasted my time by not showing up.

4) Wasted everybody’s time by committing the same stupid mistakes on a boss that should already be on farm.

5) More worried about topping the meters than staying out of the bad stuff.

6) Tunneling. You stubborn sons of bitches.

I don’t know if it’s just really bad luck on my part, but I always seemed to end up with a team who couldn’t get their shit together. Now I’m not saying that each and every person I’ve played with was a baddie, but there were always these certain individuals who proved to be very detrimental to our group. Even if it was just two or three people, the selfish and stubborn actions of a few could still impact the team’s progression in a big way. And sad to say, my time on Zul’jin has seen me springboard to a happy high only to crash to a depressing low until Real Life came calling. I lament all that time wasted.

And now, it took a random pug group I joined on a whim, on a random night when I was supposed to be just farming Frostweave cloth, for me to get my normal Garrosh kill – a kill my own raid team can’t even achieve because of certain people who shall not be named.

So what’s the takeaway from all of this? That regardless of what server you’re on, it’s all about getting lucky with the people you group up with? That one can only hope and pray you find people who share your strong work and raiding ethic? Kind of like the mindset players possessed back in Vanilla and BC, when shit was really hard (so I was told) and people brought their game faces to raids. Just how many players in this entitled, spoon-fed LFR generation have that kind of work ethic?

Regardless of where your server is on WoWProgress’ list, it all boils down to the community’s attitude to help make it a great raiding realm. People need to stop being selfish and stubborn and learn to play their class, pay attention to mechanics, and patiently work with each other. That no matter what the illustration above shows you, and no matter how hard you smartasses insist, THERE. IS. NO. I. IN. THE. WORD. “TEAM”.