The Death Knight Diaries is the personal website of a (now retired but most likely to return in the next expansion) World of Warcraft player (that’s me!). This site chronicles her experience in playing her many characters, mostly seen through the eyes of her favorite Death Knight, who once bore the name Cloudrunner and was born a male Blood Elf, who then briefly became a female human but is now back to being a Blood Elf, albeit known by the less Tolkien-esque and mortal name, Patty.

DKDiaries is the author’s (and puppet master of countless alts’) virtual venue for her raves and rants, the second one which includes how…

…Death Knights, or DKs for short, hardly get any love;

…it’s okay for raid leaders to have one too many paladins in a raid, while it’s not okay to have one too many DKs;

…DKs are deemed lousy tanks, just because of their class alone, even if she has witnessed several successful DKs tank and off-tank 5, 10 and 25 mans;

…DKs seem to be the most hated class, and yet so many people play one!

The author makes no claim to be an expert in her class nor does she deem herself “leet” enough to dish out the correct advice. This site is not a resource site on how to be awesome at playing your class. It is simply a blog of sorts, an outlet for her joys and frustrations, and a means to document everything from the astounding to the heartwarming to the ridiculous to the downright shameful. WoW is a virtual community, but behind those pixels are human beings. And very flawed human beings at that.

This site celebrates and slams the flaws of those individuals, including her own.

Okay, I’m done referring myself to the third person. Here are more tidbits about me: I quit the corporate rat race to find myself, spend more time with my children, and write what I want to write (and when I want to write it!). After going through several life transitions —  many of them painful and game-changing — I traveled several thousand miles to rebuild my life and settle with my new love.

Now I am retired from the game. Looking back at my raid progression, I would describe it as generally slow and steady, with many bouts of frustrations. I was not a hardcore raider. It was never my ambition to achieve World or Server Firsts. I knew my limits. It was also hard to find people who were competent, trustworthy and disciplined enough to raid with. Then Real Life came calling and I said my goodbyes.

Life in Azeroth wasn’t perfect, but it sure was dang interesting!

P.S. If all goes well, and if Real Life decides not to be a prick again, I’ll be back in time for Legion.