A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#3

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#3

As a WoW player, at least I was

– a dependable raider. 99.99% of the time I was punctual, and I ALWAYS had my own flasks and feasts.

– I also had the good sense to repair BEFORE the raid, unlike the idiots who would zone in and, literally a few seconds before the first pull, pipe up: “Um, anyone got a Jeeves? I forgot to repair.” >.<

– I knew how to avoid crap on the ground, not caring if my DPS took a hit if I stopped to run away. I’d rather stay alive.

– I was NEVER  a loot whore. Not once did I ever whisper the winner of a loot roll that I deserved it more than he did, or how much he’d want for it, or how he didn’t deserve it because his DPS blew monkey balls.

3 thoughts on “A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I Was…#3

  1. Whispers saying you shouldn’t have got the loot…do people actually do that? That’s shocking and if it happened in the guild I am in I would G/Kick their arses into pug land.

    My personal hate is someone asking for food, one encounter after a noodle cart has been put down.
    People who make zero contribution to the Guild Bank taking all the recently transmuted primal diamonds so they can get a new epic meta.

    I always make sure I repair, make my own flasks, pay my own repairs and the only think I do rely on someone else for is Noodles (but then I always put mats in GB). You see I started raiding in TBC and if you didn’t do all these things yourself…you didn’t raid.

    It pisses me off when folk take stuff for granted and don’t realise that these perks on the back of other peoples hard work.
    /end rant =)

    1. “Whispers saying you shouldn’t have got the loot…do people actually do that?”. Yes, Xenu. Sad to say, there are players who do that. Oh, and I can relate to the noodle cart thing. I put down a noodle cart, call everyone’s attention to it, but there’s always this one idiot who doesn’t get any. Cart expires and seconds after that, he goes, “did anyone put down noodles? I need food buff before boss pull.” Makes me want to slap him till he loses consciousness.

      1. Which is almost as bad as when I pre cast big heals on tanks (playing Holy Paladin now as we didn’t have one) get eternal flame hots running only for someone to say ‘BRB’. . .

        “””””””””””””””R A G E””””””””””””””

        It’s the same feeling you get when you pop Army and some douche hasn’t eaten and you stand there watching your ghouls drop one by one just because a member of your raid team is a F***whit

        Happy days =)

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