A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I was…#6

A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I was…#6

As a WoW Player, at least I

– never ninja’d anything from the guild bank

– never used/abused/abandoned others to reach my objectives in the game

– always paid for my own repairs outside raids. I don’t believe it is your guild’s responsibility to pay for repairs incurred outside guild runs. Whatever wear and tear you inflict on your gear as you quest/explore/PvP/hunt for rares/et cetera by your lonesome is your own doing; hence, you are to pay out of your own damn pocket. Quit treating the guild like it’s your personal piggy bank. On that note, quit seeing your GM as your own Obama who’s willing to support your lazy ass.

– That said, I was never a lazy player. NEVER. I. had. a. work. ethic.

(I also like to punctuate the f*ck out of my closing sentence for emphasis)

2 thoughts on “A Look Back: As a WoW Player, I was…#6

  1. Getting a little bit ranty these posts. Is this just a lot of pent up aggresion being released after the years playing WoW?

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